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Research Paper On Power Corrupts Macbeth By Changing His Personality (Research Paper Sample)


The thesis of this research paper is Power corrupts Macbeth by changing his personality, making him kill people and his mind being not clear.
5quotes (2internal,3external) each quotes less than 40words. External quotes “quotes” (last name + page if provide),no external quotes about the Macbeth, or summery of the Macbeth MUST BE ACADEMIC!
Introduction must include author, the work and thesis statement.
No summery, no retelling.
Work cited page


Macbeth Research Paper
Many leaders are driven by the personal power which has the often leads to greatness, however, it can destroy one's life. In William Shakespeare, Macbeth, the author describes the main character's shifting character that makes him become corrupt, Macbeth craves for power, but the process the same power blurred him making him kill people because his mind is not clear.
The Tragedy of Macbeth is among the many plays written by William Shakespeare to describe how rulers sought power that made them be referred to as tragic heroes (Sorgenfrei 29). The tragedy of Macbeth like other Shakespeare tragedies presents the shifting character of Macbeth. Right from the beginning, we see Macbeth's role as a noble soldier and his transformation from being a noble person to a murderer (Sorgenfrei 31).
When the play begins, a conversation between King Duncan and Malcolm reveals Macbeth's noble character. Macbeth is praised by his cousin Duncan describing him as “good and hardy soldier"(Sorgenfrei 28). Macbeth is portrayed as a devoted person. Duncan, Macbeth cousin greets him with respect and praises his bravery in defending the nation, against rebels and other foreign invaders. He says “worthiest cousin"(Sorgenfrei 28).
With time, Macbeth begins to shift as the play continues, while in the beginning of the play we see him as a noble, loyal, and respectful. Macbeth becomes ambitious after being encouraged by the prophecy of the three witches and pushed to act by Lady Macbeth (Wong 262).
As the play progressed, we see in several scenes how Macbeth succumbs to his ambition for power that blurs his mind, making him kill King Duncan to become more powerful. His ambition for power plays a crucial role in his final destruction (Sorgenfrei 32). The prophecy of the witches predicted that Macbeth Would be the king and Banquo heir will be kings, this is the main reason that pushed Macbeth to be greedy for power (Wong 266).
With the help of his wife, Lady Macbeth, he carefully starts planning how to kill King Duncan for him to be crowned the king as prophesized (Wong 269). Macbeth's ambition is the major reason for him to turn from a noble character into a violent killer. In the beginning when he is named

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