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Research And Describe Robert Wright And His Artistic Work (Essay Sample)


Her requirements are all in the attached files! This is two papers, total in 3 pages and each with 1.5 page! The materials has all the work done, just have to rearrange it and add some prepositions make it coherence, So which means, only have to rearrange those materials and combine it together and make it a coherence paper. Doesn't need the topic, just have to sort it out and write it down then it will be fine, the final document should be in Doc format, thanks to the writer! lot of thanks!
Using the concepts of progress and technology and drawing from 4 or more course readings (2 creative and 2 social scientific) critically analyze the history of capitalism as the history of both ‘triumph and tragedy'.
Using the concept of corporate legal personality and drawing from at least 4 course readings (2 creative and 2 social scientific) discuss the history of the corporate form and at least 2 current areas of debate about its nature.
1.....Progress and Technology
Wright ‘progress'
Rice's play, Mr. Zero be replaced by a machine
What we need to know:
Distinguishes between progress that sustainably improves our condition (social and moral progress, real economic progress) and ‘progress traps' which undermine our conditions of existence
our civilization falling into one of the biggest progress traps in human history, 1. ‘hardware' vs software 2. ‘pyramid scheme'
The Victorian Ideal of ‘Progress', it is an irreversible changes in one direction only, and that this direction is towards improvement, it called progress. This view shows it t is ‘law of nature' like technological progress or modernity. But too much progress will leads to progress trap
Double-edged character of Progress:
Progress: mammoths(kill 2 - 1); the adding machine (efficiency, profit); car (convenience)
Progress trap: mammoths(kill all use cliff); the adding machine (Mr Zero); car (green house effect)
Our civilization has an ‘operating system' or ‘software' that has become incompatible with our ‘natural systems' or ‘hardware'– the ‘elements of life'– earth, air and water
Our civilization is a ‘pyramid scheme', just like the others, gathering “wealth from the periphery” and “borrowing” from the future
social pyramid (social structure) and a natural pyramid (ecosystem)
“We have reached a stage where we must bring the experiment under rational control, and guard against present and potential dangers” (p. 31)
2...........Corporate legal personality
Corporate legal personality: give corporation legal form as human, like ‘invisible friends' corporate has legal personality base on law.
Nace discovers that the status of a corporation as a ‘legal person' was rooted not in an actual court decision, but in the preamble to it, in the 1886 case, Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad.
Nace indicates 3 phases in the development of corporate rights, (Nace, pp. 15-18).
Phase I: Corporate Quasi-Rights
Limited Liability, perpetual existence, ‘shape-shifting'
Phase II : Corporate Constitutional Rights
Equal protection, Commercial Speech, Political Speech
Phase III: Corporate Global Rights
The corporate Quasi-Rights proves ‘limited liability' which is really important for shareholders, it indicates the only relation between shareholders and corporation are what they invest in the company. ‘Corporate Constitutional Rights' gives corporation rights to make a speech which can influence individual's point of view.


Progress and Technology.
Robert Wright in his artistic work figuratively explains the progress and technology. In his fictional Rice's play, Mr. Zero is replaced by a machine. From the book, we can notice a that Wright distinguishes between progress that sustainably improves our living conditions (social and moral progress, real economic progress) and the ‘progress traps’ which undermine our conditions of existence. We have unnoticeably got into a trap with the development of technology. In any society, changes in ways of doing thing and living come with the need for social adjustments. In most cases, the social adjustments can not be predetermine as there are never exact methods to measure the anticipated social changes. Through the progress traps, our civilization has continually fallen into one of the biggest progress traps in human history, that is, the ‘hardware’ vs 'software' trap and the ‘pyramid scheme.’
The Victorian Ideal of ‘Progress’, can be referred to as an irreversible change that occur in one direction only, and that this unidirectional change is towards improvement and development, thus, aggregated as progress progress. This angle of view do not however take into account that change can occur in two different directions, adverse and positive. Adverse change come with more problems than the solutions. Such negative changes are mostly unanticipated making interventions even harder. The Victorian Ideal of 'progress' view shows it t is ‘law of nature’ like technological progress or modernity. Nature is indefinably immense, with each part showing another new part, every aspect of it that we see just being a part of it. Progress traps occur due to human ingenuity and like I mentioned earlier they are inherent and unavoidable.
Double-edged character of Progress:
Progress can be seen as mammoths which kill 2 – 1 of the manual ways of running or doing things; thereby, introducing a new machine that improve on the operations...
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