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Status of Oedipus’ Heroism: Controlling His Fate (Essay Sample)


read Oedipus Tyrannus OR watch director Tyrone Guthrie's 1957 masked performance of the play. (Click on link or YouTube screen below.)

From the film, it is evident that Oedipus’ fate was inevitable. Oedipus is a man who is quick to act and he has incredible understanding. As the movie begins, we see that these qualities make him an incredible ruler who suspects his subjects' needs (Winkler 70). At the point when the nationals of Thebes implore him to take care of the torment, for instance, Oedipus is one stage in front of them—he has effectively sent Creon to the prophet at Delphi for guidance (Winkler 68). In any case, later, we see that Oedipus' propensity for acting quickly has a risky side.
Oedipus’ Fate
The plot of the whole movie is based on a principle that has disturbed men’s minds over the centuries-whether humans have free will or their destinies are already marked for them. It is evident that Oedipus has no free will thus he is not the dictator of his fate. He clearly trusts the oracle to predict outcomes for him. This is seen when he sent his brother in law Creon to the oracle in order to know what to do in the efforts of taking away the plague from the citizens of Thebes (Winkler 70). After learning that he is supposed to murder Laius, he resorts to do it at once. By doing so, he does not control his own fate thus is subject to the course that is already set out for him. He also bel...
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