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Why The Hunger Game Captured So Broad An Audience (Essay Sample)


Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games was initially written and marketed as young adult literature. The series was
meant to be read, at least initially, by adolescents and teenagers. Yet, despite the original intent, the series has managed to gain popularity among people of all ages. For this paper, I want you to discuss why Collins' work captured so broad an audience.
You will want to discuss why the novel appeals to a wide age range and lay out the specific reasons you believ ethe first novel and film are popular. While you will certainly need to address how dystopia plays into the popularity of the work, other aspects of the work you might consider include: setting, character, quality of writing, plot, coming of age, love, gender, heroism, friendship, media in society, reality television, human
nature, politics, war, and good vs. evil, among others. Be sure to lay out your argument using textual evidence and specific examples from the novel, film, fanworks, and supplementary readings where appropriate. This paper should be approximately 5-7 pages in length, typed, double spaced, and include citations in MLA format. Please see the style sheet posted on HuskyCT for further information.
The hunger game I mentioned is a novel called hunger game, please use primary source, the support of the viewpoint should be taken from the book.

Why the Hunger Game Captured so Broad an Audience
Most writings in literature target particular readerships, which authors do intentionally because of the subject they are addressing. The works are often meant to highlight certain issues in the society. Most authors do this successfully through the writing of short stories, plays, short poems, and songs. The “Hunger Game”, for instance, is a book directed to teenagers and young adults as its audience. However, due to its uniqueness, it ended up attracting more than the intended target readership since it reveals the evils committed in the society. In the book is Katniss, a young maiden whom despite her age emerges a hero due to her bravery and independence. This may be because of the styles used or eve the setting. This paper analyses the instances in which Katniss shows her independence and the view people have about her personality in the story.
“The Hunger Game” is a franchise, starting like a novel before its conversion into a movie. The general perception about the book is that of a fairytale of people killing each other for survival in a wearisome environment. It is possible to say that people are under force to kill each other; making people who would rather like to read it change their perceptions (Collins). However, when one decides to read it, the interest grows as they come across the fine details of the occurrences therein. Such a perception immediately disappears as one reads the novel. It becomes an interest in something else apart from just the entertainment aspect of it.
The beginning of the story into the market changed the general perceptions of people. The narration of a female persona makes it even more unconventional and implies that it is for the feminine market. Violence is evident in the book, by the arrows and bows seen. So often, the action-laden adrenaline-inducing expectations for the masculine market. As boys and men are beginning to love that, the other side of Katniss features. She behaves like a man and forces to shave her legs. During this mixture of events, she tries to balancing her emotions concerning Gale and Peeta (Collins). This indirectly arouses the feelings related to mother-daughter relationships that so often compound life and mothers in general.
The novel also creates an opportunity to people. People across the ages reflect about life, on things that really matter to them and their associates. By having the female first person narration, the novel opens a new world of characters that appeals to the broader global and multigenerational readership. The release of its movie brought even more interest from the global fan base.
To begin with, the Hunger Games talks about one Heroine, Katniss Everdeen, who lives in the District 12, which at that time was regarded as to be the poorest of all districts. In the region of Panem, there are 12 districts and every year two individuals, a boy, and a girl, are chosen from each district to represent their communities in the games that are usually televised. When she reaches the Capitol, she is awestruck by the society by looking at garishly dressed people who have certainly never gone hungry. Effie trinket behaves barbarically towards her but she endures the barbarism and critics that she encounters with kids raised at the Capital. The game they participate in is often referred to as the hunger game. In the book, Katniss’ younger sibling is chosen to take part in the match (Collins). However, she (Katniss) decides to stand in or her sister and go to the games instead. Katniss finds that her male counterpart for the games at that time was Peeta Mallark. Mallark and Katniss both join Haymitch who is to be their mentor in this train journey to Capitol where the games were held.
In a bid to win massive fan support,...
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