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The Transformation of the American Dream Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Please revise the final exam that you have written according to the three things you think that need to improve.


WLD 57 Culminating Activity (Final Exam, Winter 2020) 


Your goal in this exam is to demonstrate that you know how to understand what a writing task asks you to do, evaluate your own writing to develop a revision plan, and implement a revision plan for a new draft. You are demonstrating the strategies you have developed as a writer during our quarter together in WLD 57.


Grading Rubric



1)    Explain the “The Transformation of the ‘American Dream’” essay by Robert J. Shiller task in your own words. (No more than 200 words,) Study the actual passage and prompt. Your explanation should include: what the instructions tell you to do; expectations for a successful essay response given the instructions, prompt, and what you know about structuring a strong essay, etc. You should provide support for your interpretation of the task by drawing on the actual passage, prompt, your experiences in this course, etc. that you have studied to better understand the writing task. (10 points)


2)    Assess how well your original draft from the beginning of the term accomplishes the task, given your study of the task. (No more than 500 words.) Make sure you provide examples from your own draft to explain the strengths and weaknesses you see in your draft and as evidence for your assessment of your draft. Consider things like: how well does your draft respond to the instructions in the prompt? How well did you understand Shiller’s “Tranformation…?” How well did you explain your own stance in response to Shiller? How well did you support your stance with evidence--examples from your own life, from things you’ve read, or from Shiller’s own essay? (15 points)


3)    Propose at least 3 things you would change to make your original draft stronger and more responsive to the task you were asked to complete in the assignment (no more than 300 words). Be very specific as you identify what exactly about your original draft could be stronger, point to an example where this happens in your original draft, and explain what you would do to make it stronger. These three things should NOT be grammar and punctuation errors. They can, however, be organizational errors. (15 points)


4)   Revise your original draft to implement the changes you think would make the draft stronger. (60 points – See Canvas assignment for breakdown of points)


Total out of 100


Percentage grade




Final exam
Wenjie Cui
The Transformation of the American Dream
“Transformation of the American Dream” is an essay by Robert J. Shiller, a Sterling Professor of Economics and Finance, and a Fellow at the International Center of Finance at the Yale School of Management. Shiller argues that the American Dream keeps changing and is determined by the prevailing value system. He argues of the possibility that the dream might have been the cause of the housing bubble that resulted in the 2008 financial crisis. According to him, “… the meaning of the term changes through time as culture changes, and as opportunists try to redefine to their own advantage” (Shiller). Shiller is right in his assertions since the world is continuously changing and what was valuable in 1931 is no longer of value today. For example, while in the past, people desired to have the freedom to access basic services like education and the freedom to vote, in the modern world, we are free to vote and some do not even perceive it as a privilege that the forefathers fought to be granted. Currently, wealth is the most cherished aspect and thus people perceive living the dream as amassing immense wealth. So, even though times have changed and structures are different as well, the American dream remains achievable in different ways and capacities.

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