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Kings Jr.'s I have A Dream speech and Malcolm X's Ballet or the Bullet (Essay Sample)


Both Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X had similar overarching goals of achieving equality, justice, and freedom for minorities in America; however, their plans for achieving change were very different. On one side, Martin Luther King Jr. promoted integration between white and black communities and worked for equality and equal access for all of America’s citizens, black, white, and otherwise. On the other side, Malcolm X did not view black people as citizens of America, and he advocated that they either become increasingly active in representing themselves in America or separate entirely from whites.
Compare the similarities and differences between Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech and Malcolm X’s “The Ballot or the Bullet” speech based on their vision, clarity of goals, the notion of change, or other means. These could refer to their use of religion, historical references, pronouns, diction, repetition, or other tools within their speeches. Consider the following questions as you draw on the comparison:
1. What comparisons can you draw from King's religious references and X's attempt to not discuss religion?
2. How does X's desire for action compare to King's desire for action? What is the ultimate goal for each?
3. Are there any specific quotes from each speech that allude to similar ideas or purposes?
4. How can the speeches be compared in relation to logos, pathos, and/or ethos?
Optionally, employ David Farber’s The Age of Great Dreams in your essay to set the context of their message and the ongoing struggle between the two leaders of the Civil Rights movement. No other outside sources can be used.
This essay must be typed in MLA format, 1200-words MINIMUM, and turned in online to Canvas. You will submit rough drafts to Canvas by the above-listed date, then complete the peer-review workshop by the above-listed date. You will need to provide a word count at the end of your final draft, as well as a Works Cited page.


Student Name
Speech Analysis
The civil rights movement was a remarkable time for Black Americans. The Movement originates from the Bill of Rights which was included in the constitution in 1791, which offered protection for the individual states against the federal government. Despite the changes, African Americans were not allowed to enjoy basic rights even after the abolishment of slavery. For instance, Jim Crow laws were operational in the South. This led to agitation from the blacks to secure their freedoms. At the same time, the period marked by inspiration and the struggle for power. Two prominent leaders, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X were critical in the Movement. Their eloquence and prophetic discourse change the way blacks viewed the need for freedom. The two assisted in forming a sense of identity by addressing issues directly affecting their people and directing a course of action. When the two powerhouses are compared, the most outstanding thing that comes to mind if their opposing views on violence, yet they also shared some similarities.

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