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Essay 2 w/ Cover Letter Literature & Language Paper (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


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I believe your thesis is the final 3 sentences of your uuroduaory paragraph., woold suggest condensing this into perhaps a single sentence where you clearly state your argument. Your introductory paragraph includes a lot of good context. One area your writing could be strengthened is your analysis through the lens of Gardner; at times, your essay seemed more like a paper about Gardener than an analysis of The Immigrant using Gardener. I would suggest including more evidence from the movie and focusing on how you identify Gardener’s key ideas represented within the film. One major strength of your essay are the consistent strong claims; you could back up these claims more successfully if you perhaps included more evidence from the movie (and analyzed their significance). Your quotations from Gardener are very good, aside from the one quote you included twice - consider replacing one of the times with a new quote. Your citations do not appear to be in Chicago footnote style. Overall, I think you have a very strong draft; if you include more evidence from the movie and shift your focus towards an analysis from the film, then I think you will have a good paper.


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The Challenges of Immigrant Women
Individuals from around the world have wished to come to the U.S. to pursue the “American Dream.” For such individuals, America remains a land of opportunities. The increase in the number of immigrants to the U.S. has prompted the government to implement measures to curb immigration. One of such measures is the Immigration Act of 1882, which introduced the term “Likely or Liable to become Public Charge or LPC” The rule meant that immigrants classified as LPC may be denied permission to enter the U.S because of their disabilities or lack the of economic resources. Under the rule, many individuals have been denied entry into the U.S., the majority of whom have been women. Historian Mather Gardner’s The qualities of a citizen: Women, immigration, and citizenship, 1870-1965, document the application of the U.S. immigration law to women to the late 1960s. Similarly, in The Immigrant (2013), Gray demonstrates the plight of immigrant women to the U.S. The LPC was applied unfairly to discriminate against immigrant women and deny them entry to America.

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