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Part of a whole Martin Luther King, Jr. (Essay Sample)

In your instructor-assigned CLC group, your team will compile a set of minicases based on leaders they have observed who demonstrate the characteristics of servant leadership. Each member of the team should select one case/leader to contribute to the project. For each minicase, members should do the following: \"Martin Luther King, Jr.\" 1. Describe the leaders\\\' stated attitudes/values. 2. Also describe the leaders\\\' behaviors/actions that have been observed. 3. Identify the areas these leaders focused on that demonstrated how they served employees, other stakeholders, community and society. 4. Based on these areas of focus, identify the impact these behaviors and actions in these areas of service have had on the organization, in terms of its performance and its contribution to the greater good. Each person on the team will define four values for their personal leadership model. Then they will identify one observable leadership behavior which this value is likely to enable. For example a value may be stated as: \\\"I value integrity.\\\" The observable behavior that comes from this value might be \\\"I keep my promises.\\\" source..

Part of a whole Martin Luther King Jr
Part of a whole Martin Luther king Jr.
Martin Luther King, Jr., born in 1929, was an eloquent preacher and the greatest civil right activist leader for social change in time of his generation. He had the power of putting together brilliant ideas and words to push through the highly powerful and nonviolent social change movement in United State of America history (Bruns, 2006). Martin Luther Jr. unique pattern predominantly resulted out of his American-African living experience. He valued liberty and justice for all regardless of the color of your skin. His attitude towards human race was not discriminatory since he believed God made white and black people equally (Bruns, 2006).
Martin Luther Jr. passion to change the world was anchored in truth, courage and justice as his moral values. He observed that the most effective way to succeed in his ambition was to commit to nonviolent way of protesti...
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