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Compare and Contrast Lutheranism and The Rise of the Swiss Anabaptists (Essay Sample)

Special instructions: 1. The 1st portion of the essay should be a compare and contrast on Lutheranism and the Rise of the Swiss Evangelical Anabaptists and explicitly focus on the following: What concerns, incidents, and developments shaped the emergence of each group? How were they alike? How were they different? How did the Lutherans wind up being a “State Church” in many regions, whereas the Anabaptist wound up being widely persecuted? What can be learned from this saga? 2. The second portion of the essay is an additional compare contrast of Luther's theology of the church and sacraments, with that of the Swiss Evangelical Anabaptists and should focus on the following: What is the basis of each approach? How are they alike? How are they different? Which approach to church & sacraments are favored today? Why? The totality of the essay (not including the cover page, bibliography / references should total approximately (8) pages. Required Books are as follows: Roland Bainton, Here I Stand (1950) J. ed. Dillenberger, Martin Luther: Selections (Doubleday) Gonzalez, J. The Story of Christianity Vol. 2 2nd Edition. (Haperone, 2010) Kerr, Hugh ed. Readings in Christian Thought (2nd ED. Abingdon) Kerr, Hugh, ed. Calvin's Institutes: A New Compend (Westminister/ John Knox) Tyson, John R. ed. Invitation to Christian Spirituality (Oxford University Press) XXX A good friend who attends Syracuse U referred me to you after I shared with them that I am suffering with the Flu and this is a take-home exam, due early next week. If I could garner the monies to pay for an additional essay (3 -5) pages due by Tuesday morning; a different subject, I would however, I am financially strapped and the exam is a more pressing issue at this time. Thank you, source..

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Over many years now, Anabaptism and Lutheranism have both existed as some of the most dominant denominations in the Christian religious society. Whereas both Lutherans and Anabaptists were founded in the 16th century, the former has continued to expand in its scope and theology recruiting and converting more and more believers into its faith whereas the latter has continued to struggle with persecutions and other internal and external religious and political conflict within itself.[Gonzalez, J. The Story of Christianity. (United States of America, Haperone, 2010), 80]
The two groups were both founded in the 16th century and have since shared some history both in comparison and by contrast. This paper seeks to examine the history of both Anabaptism and Lutheranism and the Anabaptists and Lutheran view of religion as a whole. While dividing the sections into two parts, the paper will in the first section outline some o the remarkable similarities that are shared between these two religious communities while primarily focusing on what led to the rising of Lutheranism as what is now considered a state church whereas the Anabaptists continued to receive massive challenges and criticism amidst widespread persecution of both its followers and leaders.[Dillenberger John, Martin Luther: Selections. (New York, Doubleday, 2010), 23]
In the second section of this paper, the theological similarity and differences will be closely examined, beginning from the very simple one that they are both Christian denominations. Similarly the major differences between the two groups such as the theological perspective when it crimes to receiving and administering sacraments will also be discussed so as to show the basis of each individual approach and the reason as to why the religious groups today favors the one and not the other.
The rise of Lutheranism
Lutheranism can be simply defined as the belief in the teachings and theological standpoint of Martin Luther and the practice of Lutheran faith. This religious group was founded by Martin Luther who was a German reform leader and a great critic of the Catholic Church as awhole. His criticisms led to the rise of Protestants as he boldly and widely contested the beliefs held dear by the catholic leaders and followers. This lead to a wide international protests and disjointed opinions among both Germans and the regional countries and later a split to form the Roman Catholics and the Lutheran church.[Kerr Hugh, Readings in Christian Thought (Nashville, Abingdon, 2010), 56]
In the year 1521, the roman empire excommunicated Martin Luther and his followers from the church and further dictated that their property be split between the imperial government of Germany and the church who implicated the charges against Luther. It has been widely observed that...
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