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Utility and Marginality (Essay Sample)

Compare and contrast the lives and legal cases of Giovanni & Lusanna and Martin & Bertrande in Le Retour de Martin Guerre. How are the stories similar? How are they different? What might account for those similarities and differences? What does the historical record of these cases and stories communicate about marriage, society, and the courts during the early modern period in Europe? Consider things such as customs, courtship and marriage, gender, family and community, social status, and the law. PAPER REQUIREMENTS: 800-1200 words Double spaced 12pt font Times New Roman Citations may be parenthetical source..
Utility and Marginality Name Course Name Tutor Date of submission The Return of Martin Guerre Martin Guerre and Bertrande Martin Guerre and Bertrande are characters in the novel "The return of Martin Guerre. Martin is a male character, member of the Guerres family with four sisters and peasant from Baque who settled in the village of Artigat in south west France (Lewis, 1967). He is married to a local girl by the name Bertrande de Rols in their in their early teens before he disappears ten later (Davis, 1561). During this time he had moved to Spain where he served in the military and then in the army of Pedro de Mendoza where deployed to Flanders for the Spanish attack on Saint Quentin, he loses his leg in war and returns home to find an impostor who had taken up his place after he had been in exile for 12 years. Bertrande is married to Martin Guerrewith a son. She is from a well off family and her husband disappears and an impostor takes his place claiming to be Martin, she lived with him for three years and had two children together with only one surviving. Her mother marries Pierre Guerre, Martin`s paternal uncle. Together they convince her to sue the new Martin claiming he is an impostor (Ruggiero, 1987). She testifies against the impostor after realizing he was a fraud. She is arrested together with Pierre and accused of false accusation and falsification. The impostor causes division among the community members regarding his identity. The real Martin appears in time and after interrogation and being presented to the Guerres family he is recognized as the true Martin and the impostor executed. It is argued that she had secretly agreed to the fraud ...
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