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Everyday Psychology: Effect of Video Games in People Mind (Essay Sample)


Explain in one Paragraph in APA format The effect of videogames in people mind ,and why can be beneficial for many people.?


Everyday Psychology
Everyday Psychology
Playing video games have been over the years associated with adverse effects such as increased aggression, laziness, and health problems like obesity (Griffiths, 2014). Parents are worried when their children play video games because they often neglect other important activities such as homework and sleep. Dewar (2013) states that although playing violent games affect the attitude and behavior of people negatively, not all games are bad. On the other hand, playing video games has positive impacts on the minds of individuals. Firstly, video games are useful in an educational context where they are used for stimulation hence allowing learners to have a longer attention (Griffiths, 2014). Pupils find them appealing compared to the traditional ways of learning which help them understand better. Secondly, they enhance problem solving of the player. As individuals play a game, their minds develop the ability to solve the various challenges much faster which is useful in improving creativity. Thirdly, hand to eye coordination is enhanced. Games require that players coordinate their brain reactions to their hand movement. For example, games involving shooting require that a player keeps track of many factors hence the need to ensure a high level of coordination between the brain and the fingertips (Raise Smart Kid, 2015). Fourthly, games improve multitasking as they require a player to keep track of some variables. Griffiths (2014) states that players must take into consideration all the possibilities to win the game. Consequently, a person becomes more flexible and tactical, a skill that is useful in day to day life. Lastly, they help in the development of perseverance as players may fail as the game progresses but they have to keep on trying until they succeed. Conclusively, despite the adverse effects associated with video games, they are beneficial hence people should be encouraged to play more.
Dewar (...
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