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The Pact: The Odds Of Becoming A Doctor For An African American (Essay Sample)


The character I want to write about is Rameck and the factor that helps him to be a doctor are luck, institutional support and mentor and role model. The body paragraph needs include an example from the book and quotes.


3rd draft
What are the odds of becoming a doctor for an African American raised in New Jersey's poorest cities, surround by crime and drugs? In their autograph titled The Pact, three character, Rameck Hunt, Sampson Davis, and George Jenkins make a pact to do that and become doctors. Their journey to the top was not easy though. The three doctors, take the reader on an incredible journey of how friendship and big dreams can determine one's future. They were raised in Newark, one of the poorest cities in New Jersey. The boys grew up together, and went to school in University High School and decided to take control of the course of their lives. Together, they made a pact and decided to take a path that was completely different from what they were used to experiences in their daily lives; they promised each other with become doctors and stick to one another all along. Eventually they achieved their own dreams, became doctors. Rameck is the character I am interested in the most and the important factors that made him succeed were luck, institutional support, and his role models
Luck was one of the important factors that helped lead Rameck to a successful pathway. in this case, luck can be said to be the force that drives good things to happen in someone's life. There are instances from the book that indicate luck was on Rameck's side as throughout his journey to becoming a doctor. One example to show that luck was on his side is when he fought with a white student (134). Rameck risked being thrown out of school for this. Luck is evident in that the student and his mother chose not to press charges. Another example is when he was forgiven by his 6th grade teacher, when he pranked her (Hunt 53). In the prank, “he sprayed a web of the colorful, sticky stuff up, down, and across her face and dashed away” (Hunt 61). The laughter from the students left the teacher humiliated. If she had gone ahead to file criminal charges, Rameck's education would have been hampered. These are incidents that cou

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