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Dietary supplements (Essay Sample)

Read chapter 8 Read notes 8-5 through 8-11 at the end of the chapter. Take a position either for or against the some specific requirement for dietary supplements. Support the position with facts and analysis. I will download the document shortly. Thank you. Adriane Fisher source..
Dietary Supplements Name: Course: Professor Name: (November 6, 2011) Dietary Supplements Dietary supplements have been termed as nutrients supplements to the diet but have been developed further to encompass chemical manufactured substances. These have brought in to focus the need to regulate them to ensure people remain safe from harmful products. The Food and Drug Administration regulates the use and manufacture of dietary supplements as given by the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) (Fortin, 2009). This paper supports the requirements for dietary supplements since they protect the consumer from harmful products. The first requirement is the intended use of the supplements; this should be enforced in view of the fact that, they should be used just for the purpose of providing the body with nutrients and not a drug. The Ingredients must be part of the supplement since the substance is intended to...
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