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Mental Health And Medications: Over The Counter Drugs (OTC)


This is my post on 7-1,7-2,8-1 and 8-2 the questions are added pleases answer in details. I have added some articles that will help you. I still have to add chapters 12,14,15 and 17 that will help you answer the questions these are my post to the questions. I need in text citations with a reference page. I will add part of the chapters later. I questions are added


Mental Health and Medications
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7-1. The potential risks of:
1 Over-the-counter drugs (OTC)
The incidence of drug misuse arising from patterns of prescription is a health risk. Individuals do prescribe for usage a particular OTC which may contradict manufacturer’s precautionary advice. Hence, leading to adverse health complications or suicide (Levinthal, 2016, p. 269).
Unintentional wrong prescription by a pharmacist. It leads to unintentional misuse risk due to the dispensation of inappropriate medication. For example, being given Accutane that treats severe acne instead of Accupril meant to treat high blood pressure (p. 270).
Treating the wrong ailment. Common health issues like colds and headaches may be a symptom of a critical disease (p. 271). Thus, OTC would temporary hide or aggravate a health condition.
2 Dietary supplements
Lack of proper evaluation for safety and efficacy pose a risk to the users (p.278).
The effectiveness of their usage is unclear due to the nonexistence of scientific research. Thus, there’s poor evidence on their benefits (p. 276).
7-2. Reasons for using performance-enhancing drugs
* To mask fatigue and make an individual more alert hence, perform better.
* To acquire...
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