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Response To Bruce Levine's Article: Living In America Will Drive You Insane Literally (Essay Sample)


Answer four questions after reading the article. Questions and articles attached. If you use any sentence from the article, you need to cite them and use the quotation marks.

Response to Bruce Levine's Article:
"Living in America will drive you insane- literally"
According to Levine (1), mental illness the rate in U.S. has increased significant in comparison to a few decades ago. The most affected group is the younger people as opposed to several decades ago when mental illness was more among the elderly. More Americans are on antidepressants which, unfortunately, have become the most commonly used class of medication (Levine 1). This illustrates the extent to which mental illnesses are ravaging Americans, particularly children, adolescents and the middle aged. It has become an epidemic.
The causes of mental illness in U.S.A are elaborated by Levine. He argues that the increase in mental illness is, to some extent, due to a society that is sterile, systems that do not works effectively, lack of satisfaction with one's job, and the resultant inefficiency and non-productivity among Americans. The entire system has created a desperate population and many people feel hopeless, alienated, and isolated in the world than before. Young people are under pressure to advance to higher education to enable them get better paying jobs which regrettably they have no interest in. In the process, they pile up student loans resulting in financial pressure. Social isolation and mental isolation follow later.
The effects of the mental illness epidemic are devastating. As a result of the mental illness epidemic, children and youth experiencing 'normal' emotional problems get diagnosed as pathologic conditions and eventually treated with antidepressants on regular basis. This causes the symptoms and conditions to be worsen. Consequently, most of the children and youth who get treated with antidepressants develop chronic mental illnesses (Levine 1).
Levine does make a convincing case, illustrating that disconnectedness as well as the isolation existing in the current society lead to high rates of mental illnesses. The 2013 Gallup survey on "The State of American Workplace, Employee Engagement" which Levine (1) cites, gives adequate evidence that increased isolation in modern workplaces amount to high mental illnesses. The survey revealed that at least 1 in every 5 people hate going to work and are simply going there to get paid (S...
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