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Psychology Assignment: Friday The 13th Horror Film (Movie Review Sample)


2 movies.
Instructions for the Movies About Mental Illness Project.
Each one will be worth a maximum of 20 points
1. Read the postings on these three web sites:
2. Choose one of the following movies and watch it. There is no particular order to these movies, and some are better at depicting mental illness than others. I am giving you a large selection to increase the chance that you will be able to find them--I doubt they'll be on Netflix, as some of them are quite old and were never big films to begin with. Local libraries would be good places to check for some of these classics.
3. Write your paper. Start with THE NAME OF THE MOVIE YOU WATCHED. Give a summary of the movie. You get to play the psychologist and make the diagnosis you feel best fits the character(s). Tell me what symptoms the character(s) exhibit, and how they fit the diagnostic profile for that illness. Does the character do or experience things that do not fit well with the diagnosis? Critique the film using the points discussed on the web sites. Is the film considered accurate in the depiction of mental illness, or is it biased to conform to the stereotypes that have been used in the media? How was the illness treated, and is the depiction of any therapists (doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses) reasonable or biased?
Also, I would like your personal reaction to the movie and the characters. If these people were among your family or friends, how do you think you would interact with the person? If you could give them some advice, what would it be? Please include any personal observations if you'd like. Submit your work in Dropbox.
Fatal attraction
Collateral (Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx)
Clean, Shaven
Jacob's Ladder
Benny & Joon
American Beauty
Girl, Interrupted
Matchstick Men
Lars and the Real Girl
The Soloist
Black Swan
The Fisher King
A Beautiful Mind
The Aviator
Ordinary People
Requiem for a Dream
Taxi Driver
Donnie Darko
Prozac Nation
The Three Faces of Eve
Silver Linings Playbook
Boy Don't Cry
As Good as it Gets (this one is a little tricky)
The Hours
It's Kind of a Funny Story
I Never Promised You a Rose Garden
Through a Glass Darkly


Friday The 13th
Date of submission
Friday The 13th
Friday The 13th (1980) is a horror film written and directed by Victor Miller and Sean S. Cunningham respectively. The movie is a slasher horror centered on several teenagers who are eagerly preparing for a holiday camp. However, this camp has been closed for many years after a curse for numerous murders and bad luck. At the camp, murders happen in chronological order committed by unseen murderers whom later was identified as Mrs. Voorhees and Jason. Initially, Mr. Steve Christie, an entrepreneur re-opens the Camp at Crystal Lake. As the rainstorm approaches, it sets the mood for fear with high tensions coupled with loneliness. The killing spry begins with a woman chopped on the face with an axe while another has her throat deeply sliced. On a separate note, Harry Crosby finds himself pinned on a door with sharp arrows while Kevin Bacon receives a painful arrow that is shoved through his throat from below the bed. However, it is noted that a perpetrator of the different deaths that occurred earlier during 1980 was committed by a grieving woman who was insane due to her child, Jason who drowned in the Crystal Lake. She believed that her son was neglected by counselors who were busy having a romantic time. As the film reveals, the survivor beheaded the woman. However, Jason came back and now revenge for the woman. He uses wield crossbows and arrows, axes, swords and sharp objects in horrible ways. The students who are out in Crystal Lake for their picnic find it rough and painful.
After six months, a brother to one of the missing girls is on a mission to find his sister. He distributes her pictures and posters and reports to a sheriff who believes that she eloped with her boyfriend. However, the sheriff seems to be aware of the misery in the Crystal Lake camp. The brother later as he looks for his sister meets a young rich man with other friends in a cabin. He joins them but before they could leave, the attacker comes for all of them...
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