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Opinion essay about Classic teaching vs Modern teaching (Essay Sample)

Opinion essay about Classic teaching vs Modern teaching Title: Grab reader attention the introduction main topic of the essay, background information + thesis statement should be summarize my opinion. Body: Evidence proof argument that support opinion why she or he should agree with your opinion. Conclusion: your opinion or belief about the topic ur content should emphasize and restate ur opinion to the reader. source..
Opinion Essay
Course title:
Classic Teaching v. Modern Teaching
Teaching methods have greatly been transformed in recent times, and the main reason for this change is the advancement in technology. For a long time before the arrival of technology, classic teaching methods have been applied extensively in many educational institutions. However, this is slowly changing as more and more schools, colleges and universities embrace modern teaching methods that have come about mainly because of technology advances. Today, modern teaching continues to gain popularity since it is student-centered and applies the use of ICTs, smart boards and educational games among other strategies. However, some schools still use the teacher-centered classical teaching, which involves the teacher illustrating concepts to the students by using chalks to write on the blackboard, from where students make important notes. The modern teaching method is more convenient not only for learners, but for the teachers as well. In my view, modern teaching should be encouraged and promoted in all educational institutions in order to ensure effective and, quality learning takes place.
Teaching methods are changing with time, and today’s students are very much into the global world that demands more abilities and understanding. Students need not only to understand the subject essentials, but also to investigate, think decisively and make good judgments and conclusions. Assisting students to advance these skills requires modern teaching methods, and this is one reason why modern teaching should be used widely. The other reason why modern teaching should be widely adopted is that it uses relevant high-tech equipments. The use of high-tech equipments in educational institutions is increasing with a rapid rate, and many modern devices can be used to improve teaching in classrooms. Some of these equipments include Smart Boards, which are presentation tools that tutors can hook up to a computer, and images from the computer will be displayed on the board by means of a digital projector. This is exceptionally effective in both learning and teaching because it enables teachers to use interactive applications when teaching. Moreover, smart boards are great for demonstrations, they are clean and attractive, and students of ...
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