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Psych: Link Between Media Violence and aggression (Essay Sample)

Topic: Link Between Media Violence and aggression This is to be written in response to the class material (readings, discussions, films, lectures), 2-3 pages long, and should address your reactions to the material. You might want to discuss how you¡¯ve learned something that you did not know before and what it means to you, or how something surprises you, or upsets you, or you may wish to disagree with a theory or position taken in a lecture, the text or a video. The second requirement for the reaction paper is to find a recent peer-reviewed academic journal article (published since June 2009, for example in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, or Journal of Social Issues, or Sex Roles, or Social Cognition, or Journal of Social and Personal Relationship,s etc.!) related to your topic of discussion, read it, and incorporate it into your paper. Please see me if you have any questions as to what constitutes an academic journal. For example, the magazine Psychology Today is not a peer-reviewed academic Journal For example, let¡¯s say you learn in class that there is a correlation between the shape of a man¡¯s face and his likelihood of committing an aggressive act. Your reaction paper would first discuss why you find this surprising (or not), or why you disagree with it, and then incorporate the research article to either support or refute your position. You may find the actual research that led to this finding and discuss its strengths or weaknesses. Or you may find another piece of research on aggression that supports an opposing theory and state why you find that approach better. The reaction paper is quite open-ended and will be graded on the extent to which you demonstrate understanding of the concept you are discussing, explain and discuss the recent research article, demonstrate an understanding of the results of the research, and the extent to which you have integrated your own thoughts and ideas. Format: APA style is not required but papers must be typed, double-spaced, and include a full reference citation for the article, and an attached copy of the first page (the one with the Abstract) for your one article. If your article doesn¡¯t have an Abstract it¡¯s probably a brief or not a research article and likely not applicable for this task. Please see me if you have any questions about the suitability of your piece of research. source..

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(April 3, 2012)
Psych: Link between Media Violence and aggression
The current global developments have come with its positive and negative impacts on society; the media and its influence on society cannot be overlooked. It has resulted to popular culture among other impacts that become exploited for personal and financial gains. The child’s brain is also widely imparted given that they will tend to adopt what they see and watch on television. Studies show that the exposure of children to violent films will eventually make the children aggressive in their adolescence and young adulthood (Anderson, et al. 2002). This paper addresses the link between media violence and aggression in society. It reviews research papers and journals that cover the topic in a bid to understand its prospects.
Since history the effects of media on influencing has been an issue, for example, Plato was apprehensive of the impacts of plays on the youth (Strenziok, et al. 2011). The media such as novels, rock and roll, video games and comic books remain a vital instrument in influencing behaviors such as aggression, immorality and/or rebellion. To study these impacts several theories have been developed including social learning theory, social cognitive theory, catalyst model and moral panic theory.
The media has its impacts on society and will greatly influence how society behaves and acts. For instance, ...
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