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Occupational Research Assignment: Civil Engineer (Essay Sample)


Jobs: Engineer, Surgeon, Chef
-Brief description of the job
-Day to day duties/responsibilities
- Required education/training
-Employment outlook
-Potential/typical employers
-Starting salary and potential income
-Geographical limitations (are there jobs like that in the area you live or want to live in?)
-Is the job a good fit for you with your skills and personality? Give reasons! (for example,
maybe a job in public relations would not be good for you because you identify as an
- Any other information you find to be relevant
You MUST cite at least 2 sources for each occupation in APA format. Each occupation can have
the same source(s), but you must cite specifically where you found the information. Some
suggested sources are:


Civil Engineer
Civil engineers are part of the larger engineering community, but with a bias to working with designs, constructions and maintenance. This includes building works such as bridges, dams, roads, sewerage systems, buildings, railways and pipelines. The duties of the civil engineer include inspecting project sites to establish the progress in reference to the designs conformity, sanitary standards and safety. It is their duty to test the soils to establish the strength of the foundation, steel, asphalt and even concrete. They are also responsible for the computation of the loads, the grades requirements, material stress relative to the design specifications. They give technical advice to the managerial personnel relative to the program modifications and even structural repairs ("Civil Engineer", 2018). They manage and direct the activities associated with repairs, operations, maintenance and construction on the project site. At the entry level, the civil engineer requires to have a degree from a recognized university in this field. With adequate employment experience, the engineers are likely to find employment from construction companies. The future for the industry is looking bright, especially in the emerging economies across the globe. The salary starts at around $53000 per years and this can go up to $132000 per year as they grow (, 2018). They do not have a geographical limitation as the standards in the industry are the same. It is a rather fitting career choice as I am good at mathematics and the applications.
A surgeon is a physician who is involved in the performance of surgical operations. As such, much of their day is spent preparing for the operations, reviewing the patients' files, meeting with the respective patients, examining patients for the different medical conditions they may be su

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