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Review of Real Madrid Club de Futbol (Essay Sample)

I want you to not write a hard academic words because I'm an international student. I want you to evaluate Real madrid soccer team. Please focus on three parts which are the players coaches and the management of this team. Please write some background about the team in the introduction. Also write a simple thesis about the parts that you are going to talk about. It is preferable to write about the players for the best part of the body, the coaches for the second one, and the management for the last part of the body. Use some quotes and explain them in the body. source..

Running Head: Review of Real Madrid Club de Futbol
Review of Real Madrid Club de Futbol
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An evaluation of football’s most recognizable brands
The rise to the pedestal of business excellence is always emphasized by brand recognition. For a long time, sports has been one of the fastest growing business ventures and of the multi-billion dollar industry, football still retains the reigns as the favorite sports. Of all the clubs that have gained the honor of global recognition is Real Madrid de Futbol. The club based in Real Madrid was established in 1902 by two brothers Carlos and Juan Padros. The club went on to gain the honors of “Royal” which translated becomes “Real” from the King Alfonso XIII in 1920 and since then, the club has kept this honor through its mercurial rise both in terms of finances and excellence in the field especially in the period from the early 1950s, Phil (2003). It is no wonder then that the Real Madrid has become a sensation the word over and with a title scoop of 31 La Liga titles, 18 Spanish cups, 8 Spanish Super cups, 9 UEFA championship titles among others; any analyst can understand the obsession with the club. The club’s home ground is the ever popular Bernabou that holds the fanatical supporters to a tune of 80,000, Tamas and Zoltan (2002). To appreciate the influence of the club in contemporary football, one has to consider that it was the club that pioneered what was o become EUFA which is the most prestigious cups today.
This thesis of this paper is that Real Madrid Futbol club has become popular and successful through a three prong approach; stable coaching, strong players, and effective management. This is what has made a small club grow into the richest football brands over one century. To support this argument, this review will analyze the three aspects of the club in detail to come up with a comprehensive conclusion.
The players in the Spanish teams to which Real Madrid belong are limited to three non European Union players. However, there are concessions that have been achieved through various rulings and as such; the team has players from countries within the Africa Caribbean and Pacific regions. However, this is not the most important part that characterizes the Real Madrid players because the strategy has been changing over the years. Though the team has been winning many awards, the strategies used by coaches have been dissimilar. While most teams use their academies to develop players, the recent past has seen Real Madrid concentrate on star players who are already established in their clubs. Due to its spending capacity, the club has been able to snatch some of the best players in the world. This culture was initiated during the reign of Florentino Perez. This was the second term o...
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