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Customer Relations Management (Essay Sample)

In the SLP for all five modules you will be working a continuing session-long project. The outcome of that project will be a partial customer service audit / customer relationship management plan for an organization or company that you choose in this module. Assuming that you work for an organization or company, it might be an interesting project to do the customer service audit / customer relationship management plan for that company. If information about your organization or company is proprietary, or if you do not have ready access to the information required in the customer service audit / customer relationship management plan, you can (a) audit/plan for a company that is publicly held and/or on which there is a lot of easily accessible information about it on the Web. However, please don't choose Wal-Mart, USAA, Best Buy, Target, John Deere, or other companies that have been discussed by students a great deal. Better to choose a smaller, lesser-known company. OR (b) talk to a friend who owns a company or business. You might be able to interview the owner of a small business. This option is *better* than auditing a big company like Wal-Mart. Take a few minutes to choose an organization that will help you apply the concepts effectively. Choose an organization where you have easy access to the information you need. You may use a military unit that is involved in customer service activities, such as a base PX. However, I do NOT recommend choosing a company like Boeing, which has huge-ticket items and few customers. Those companies do not grow by building customer relationships the same way we discuss here. If you do not have access to company or organization information as an insider, I suggest that you pick a publicly held organization or company. The reason for this will become obviously shortly: if the organization or company is publicly held, to attract investors, it publishes detailed information on the customer service it provides. However, you will gain most from the class if you choose an organization where you know the owners and/or key managers. Once you have read the Overview and selected the organization you will audit, start compiling basic information about your organization. Information collection will be time consuming. You need to collect and document this information as early in the session as you can. For SLP1, please use section headings as you address each of the topics outlined below. NAME AND ADDRESS of (the division of) the organization or company you have chosen to examine. The Company's SITUATION (A statement about "where we are including its Products - goods and/or services (What does the firm/company/division/department sell)) Does the firm you are auditing have a program in place to practice develop customer relationships? If not, why not? What data could be mined? If known, what data does the company obtain about its customers? If not known, what data should the company collect about its customers? For example, do they (or should they) obtain name, address, credit info, buying patterns, demographics, psychographics? If the customer is an organization, do we know organization size, purpose and so on?" If you can identify data collected, indicate 3 ways the company can use this data in a CRM program. If you cannot identify this info, then identify 3 types of data the company could collect and discuss how they might use this data to strengthen customer relationships. Checklist for Grading: ==> Demonstrate understanding of CRM ==>Not just descriptive: analytical and crtical ==>Evidence of use of required references and background materials (necessary for a grade of "B" or higher) ==>Use of APA formatting Guidelines here. ==>Length of 600-800 words (number of pages not as important as word count) ==>Few quotes and absolutely no copying or close paraphrasing from any source without appropriate citation ==>No definitions and no summaries from the sources you use ==>No general statements with "all," "none," "must," "should," "mandatory," and similar terms source..

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(29, October, 2010)
Customer Relations Management
Customer Relations Management (CRM) is a strategy used by organizations to manage and organize customer relationships, by the use of modern technology with the aim of retaining the organization’s existing customers, as well as to attract new ones. The goal for a CRM is to satisfy customer satisfaction by retaining, enhancing and acquiring a satisfactory relationship with the customer (Lang, 2002). A good CRM assists the organization in shifting its focus from the product to the customer and what the customer may require. This paper will be an introduction to examine the customer relations management at Ace Marketing & Promotions Inclusive Company.
Ace Marketing & Promotions Inclusive is a publicly listed company that offers marketing promotional services for its clients. The company’s is located in New York, 457 Rockaway Avenue (Ace Marketing & Communication, 2010). The company’s offers a wide range of business and integrated marketing solutions to it’s over 2000 clients. These business solutions include database management, branded merchandise, E-Commerce & web design, incentive solutions & rewards, importing, proximity marketing, fulfillment & warehouse and Printing & forms management. Ace Marketing customers are a mixture of big and small companies, schools and government bodies and even Fortune 500 companies. Ace has annual revenue greater than &18 billion which is earned through its more than 21,000 distributorships. Ace Marketing has based its success to a deep relationship with the clients (Ace Marketing & Promotions, 2010).
Ace Marketing has put in place a program that would assist in ensuring that the company develops efficient customer relationships. The company has integrated its own system with its client base, and thus it provides business solutions that are based on the clients’ requirements. In 2007, Ace Marketing signed a contract with Selling Communications, Inc. The contract authorized Ace Marketing to be the sole distributor of Solata which is a set of integrated business software tools (Market wire, 2007). In return for the Solata distribution, Ace Marketing was to receive business support services that are offered by Solata among them building a database of customers, creating meaningful relations and keeping track of any potential customers for Ace Marketing (Solata, 2010).
Through Solata Integrated Marketing, Ace Marketing has access to data and information that is used in its CRM program. This includes ability to increase traffic sign ups, improved one on one customer relationships, manage discount and incentive and loyalty tracking, as well as helping in conducting marketing surv...
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