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Non-profit organization (Essay Sample)

Select either a not-for-profit organization/chapter of an organization or organizations that employ younger workers (e.g., fast food restaurants, retail, etc.) to analyze. Students shall conduct background research on the organization, its purpose, and its goals. Contact the executive director to determine his or her willingness to work with you on the project. Prepare a questionnaire to determine the key team challenges experienced by the organization. At a minimum, the questions should address team objectives, authority, responsibility, learning, and decision-making, focusing on the unique aspects of these items within a not-for-profit environment. Share this questionnaire with the class during week 2. Be certain to compare and contrast the different questionnaires from your fellow students. Schedule a time to conduct an interview with the organization's manager, using the questionnaire developed in (b). Afterwards, compile the notes from the interview in an organized format, focusing on areas needing improvement. Begin researching suggestions for the resolution of challenges faced by the not-for-profit team. Use at least five peer-reviewed sources to support your suggestions. Compile the suggestions in a concise, professional report for presentation to the executive director. Include all references in the report. Present the report to the executive director; obtain feedback in the form of reactions to the suggestions made in the report. Does the executive director think each suggestion could work? Why or why not? Compile your findings in a 2000 word report, in APA format. Be certain to include the following as appendices (in addition to the word count): 1. Questionnaire 2. Interview notes 3. Executive Director's report source..

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ActionAid organization was initially founded in the year 1972 with its main aim being child sponsorship with the primary focus being the child education. The company is a non-profit making organization and is available in more than 40 nations including in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Caribbean. Its main headquarters is based in South Africa and organizes its operations on the basis of regions they are in. the various regions has instigated their headquarters where the operations of the branch is coordinated.
Currently, the focus has been shifted from the company being British based and is now well known internationally as an international organization that combats poverty globally and works hand in hand with the marginalized areas. The corporation enables the marginalized areas to promote, recognize and secure the imminent rights and ensure that the development is within control. The mission of the organization is to ensure that the poor, less fortunate and the rejected individuals in the society are able to access their rights in order to eradicate injustices in the society and also poverty eradication. For this mission to be well achieved and with ease, ActionAid is involved in the awareness of gender equality and women`s rights, food rights, education, conflict and emergency, HIV and AIDS and also the corporate accountability.
The corporation has been trying to eradicate poverty in the stricken nations worldwide in over 30 years. The organization is non-religious and therefore can attend to any individual from any religious group without fear and/or favor. It is also not politically affiliated and therefore its activities may not be perceived as being infringed by a given political side. The campaigns fostered by the charitable organization lobbies against causes of poverty in the hunger stricken nations and also analyze the mistreatment the people face from the government, international institutions and the various companies. The organization works hand in hand with the communities in the affected areas in order to come up with long term solutions on how to make use of the opportunities available for them. In most cases, the improvement is aimed on facilities like water systems, wells, health centres and schools which will go a long way in preventing sprouting of poverty.
The research was conducted on the ActionAid organization and several of its executive directors were interviewed and also questionnaires distributed to them in order to fill the relevant information. From the information gathered, the analysis provided that the main objectives of the organization is to rehabilitate individuals who were left homeless by war, enhances gender equity among citizens in a given region, provide education to the neglected members of the society and also fights for children and women`s rights...
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