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Sound Wave (Essay Sample)

Writer, please answer the following question: What eventually happens to a sound wave travelling through the air? source..
Running head: SOUND WAVE
Sound Wave
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Sound Wave
The science of sound waves entails the study of the related features such as the speed and intensity. Some sounds are louder than others, according to the intensity of the vibrating air molecules and frequency of the sound waves (Ward, Bermingham & Wherry, 2000). The traveling of the sound waves is affected by a number of factors. For example, weather conditions such as temperature and pressure affect the behavior of sound waves in terms of speed and intensity (Ward, Bermingham & Wherry, 2000). The intensity of sound may also be a combination of different pitches, which are interpreted in various ways by the human brain through the ear drum. This paper seeks to answer the question as to what eventually happens to a sound wave traveling through the air.
The sound wave cons...
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