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My Freshman Year: Qualified Tutors And Libraries (Essay Sample)


Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to reflect on your personal growth over the previous semester, while identifying where you can improve personally and professionally. This reflection will allow you to recognize where you have improved so that you can see what strategies helped you do better in your classes. In addition, this paper will help you create an action plan so that you can either continue progressing or acknowledge what changes need to be made in order to achieve progress.
- Reflect on the previous semester and your personal progress by answering the following
questions in your paper:
o What did you get out of your classes this semester?
o What did you do differently this semester to try to improve your performance with:
Time Management
Study Skills (including note taking, reading, writing, test preparation)
Career and Personal Development
o How are you overcoming obstacles?
o What will you do next semester to continue progressing?
o Explain the progress (or lack of progress) made this semester and how things have
gone in your classes (i.e., grades, successes).
o How are you feeling about your current plan? What modifications must be made?
- Review the grading rubric for this assignment on the following page.


My Freshman Year
Author Name
University Name
Beginnings are necessary -- whether it is the beginning of a course for freshman or an advanced subject for senior students. In my first year at college, I got a chance to meet new students, interact with well-versed and qualified tutors and understand the contents of subjects. What did I learn from my classes this semester? Unlike the previous semester, this semester proved to be fruitful in terms of learning new things, conducting experiments in the field and visiting the library most often. Previously, we had a little chance to visit the library as the tutor himself provided most of the contents. But now things have been changed, and we are to visit the library to find books and journals that could help us complete our assignments.
Regarding time management, I'd like to admit that this semester came up with lots of tasks, so obviously, I had to manage time for both assignments and studies. Amazingly, I have learned how to collaborate with other students to make a transition from high school and some summer activities to learning in a college. In my high school, I was hardly given so many assignments and projects, so I had more than enough time to spend on my studies and with friends. But now, the situation is entirely different. In this semester, I faced different challenges and divided my time into two halves: one for studies and the other for completing assignments and homework.
During lectures, our professors always motivated us to take notes, give presentations and participate in group discussions. All these things have eventually helped me polish my communication and interpersonal skills. Now I feel more confident than the previous semester and is capable of taking notes and sharing contents with classmates at a fast speed. I strongly believe that all these developments will impact my future positively. For instance, w

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