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Bilingualism in Children Language Development (Essay Sample)

the essay will be 5 paragraphs include interdiction and conclusion interdiction include a- general background to specific information b - thesis statement and evaluation body 1 or barograph 1 include topic sentence +contrail idea + supporting idea and concluding sentence. and you should do until paragraph 4 please use context references like (the tendency to engage in multitasking is ………..(Rapp, 2006, p 604). And similary, siegle and foster's (2001) observation……. inside every paragraph Use reporting verb like according to says, suggest ......... And according to (young,2006) ……………… in each paragraph. use evidence / examples conclusion reference I must hand outline so please attach it with essay I hope you focus on the requirements I hope focus in the main ( consider the benefits and disadvantages of bilingualism on children language development. What are the long term implication?) I hope you write according to what has been explained Best regards source..

Bilingualism in Children Language Development
Learning to speak is a remarkable phenomenon, in every child’s life. It brings a new experience as the child can now relate with the adults in their life much easily, than before (Baycrest, 2013). For the first six or so years in their lives, children learn around three words for every day that passes. At the end of that period the child ought to have mastered over fifty thousand word in order to master the language and become a fluent speaker. In addition the child is required to learn all the syntaxes, metaphors, illusions, synonyms and everything that entails the library of grammar (HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank"Connie, 2013). For the bilinguals it means, multiplying that effort by the factor of two, to make them fluent in two languages as they grow. Most of the researchers suggest that the first language is mostly of the native tongue, which means the first language they learn in their life is from informal training, mostly from the parents or the guardians. There are several cases that can lead to a child speaking more than one language and one of them is related with immigration. Where the child’s family relocates to another country that speaks a foreign language and the child is forced to learn the new tongue as it is the same one probably used in the formal education systems (Kluger, 2013). The other common case is where the child is born of two parents that speak different languages. In this last case if one of the parents is using the language that the formal systems use then the child will end up speaking two languages as a bilingual. However, if the two parents are using different languages than the main formal language in the country, then the child ends up speaking three languages as a trilingual (Callan, 2008).
Thesis statement
The polyglots’ mind is in particular peculiar and in the recent past the scientists have been closely monitoring the abilities of these people, regarding how it is they can acquire as well as the effects the learning process has on the development of the child’s language (Baycrest, 2013). The ability of a child to be in a position to use to languages fluently has it benefits and disadvantages, all of which transcend into the future of the child’s life with varying effects. Research has however, shown that there are more long-term benefits than there are during their developmental stages, which makes the polyglots better adapted to their environment in the old age than the monolinguals at the same age (Lanir, 2013).
Developmental benefits to a bilingual child
Usually as the bilinguals learn and develop their linguistics skills, they are able to analyze semantically the sentence structures much better than the monolinguals, which ties in to their ability to discern the relationship between the words in every sentence. This makes the bilinguals creative...
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