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Portfolio Project Public Government Health Care (Essay Sample)


Portfolio Project (350 Points)
Select one sector of health care from the choices listed below.
This may be a sector in which you have an interest, one in which you work currently, or wish to work in in the future.
Public/Government Health Care
With your sector chosen, use articles and other resources available in the CSU-Global Library, Web-based resources that are judiciously selected, and other credible sources to conduct research on your chosen sector. Cite and discuss at least seven outside sources.
Present the results of your research and analysis of the sector in a CSU-Global APA style research paper that includes the following elements:
Write an introduction that summarizes your research question(s) and the point of your essay.
Describe of the sector's historical development and current role in health care delivery
Identify and analyze major challenges that the sector faced prior to passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
Identify and analyze challenges the sector is likely to face in the future, given passage of the health care reform law and associated regulations (which, in some cases, are still being written).
Analyze the possible benefits and risks for your selected sector that are associated with health care reform.
With respect to the sector that is the focus of your research, include discussion of the implications of your findings for the three overriding issues in health care today—cost, quality, and access.
Your paper should be 10-12 pages in length and formatted according to CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.
In addition to a Title Page and a References Page, the research paper should include the following sections:
Historical Development and Current State of Health Care Delivery
Challenges and Issues Prior to Health Care Reform
Sector Specific Challenges
Potential Risks and Benefits
NB: This paper should be ready in 7days , I PAID FOR 7 DAYS PAPER URGENCY.


Public Health Care
[Student’s Name]
Public Health Care
Public healthcare is described as the science and the art that hinders disorders and lengthens the life span and upholds human’s health through systematized efforts and up-to-date choices of society, governments, and organizations. It is concerned with extortions to health centered on population medical scrutiny (Atun et al., 2015). The magnitudes of health could incorporate a condition of comprehensive physical, social, and mental well-being and not only the absence of ailment as described by the World Health Organization (WHO). Public or government healthcare entails various interdisciplinary approaches, for instance, biostatistics, epidemiology, and health services. The primary role of the public or government healthcare is to enhance health and quality of life through deterrence and management of disorders amid other mental and physical health illnesses. This is usually attained through the scrutiny of cases and health indicators, and through enhancement of health actions. Some instances of the measures that have been set in the field of healthcare comprise hand washing, provision of vaccinations, breastfeeding, deterrence of suicide, and delivery of condoms to control the spread of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). The current paper has discussed how public healthcare developed, its executions, challenges, and probable benefits it has to the public.
Historical Development and Current State of Healthcare Delivery
The history of public or government healthcare is vibrant and usually created on an endless basis. Disorders have offered the stimulus for most of the actions in public healthcare. In a few of cases, devastating an illness has detached a barricade to trade or anticipated alternative goal. For instance, demoralizing yellow fever eased building of the Panama Canal in the 1900s and discovering a treatment for scurvy permitted mariners to have extensive journeys of adventure (Boulware, Cooper, Ratner, LaVeist, & Powe, 2016). It is significant to comprehend that developments in public healthcare in public or government healthcare regularly have an influence on individuals all over the world and that it is a worldwide effort. Public healthcare scientists are concentrating on heart disorder and category 2 of diabetes in reaction to present epidemics. Struggles to comprehend and treat diseases have had the inadvertent impacts of industrializing implements (Boulware et al., 2016).
The discipline of epidemiology developed from efforts to end cholera in England. Additionally, forces excluding illness have influenced public health. Cases comprise the hygienic movement that originated in England and was fast replicated in the New England. A small number of ailments have had an inconsistent influence on account of public health internationally; they comprise influenza, HIV/AIDS, smallpox, and tuberculosis (Frieden, 2014). Influenza, smallpox, and tuberculosis have been recognized since ancient times; however, HIV/AIDS is a further current problem. Smallpox is remarkable because of its mortality rate and as it is the only ailment that has been eliminated. Influenza became a human disorder after a person's tamed pigs. Since disease changes so voluntarily, it endures to defy public health developers.
The majority of the current governments acknowledge the significance of public healthcare programs in decreasing the occurrence of disorders, incapacity, and impacts of the aged amid further bodily and mental health illnesses (Moorhead et al., 2013). From the little funding that public healthcare acquires from the government, it has been in a position to initiate programs offering vaccinations and thus significant steps in enhancing health, counting annihilation of smallpox, a disorder that beset many i...
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