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Reading & Writing Strategies (Essay Sample)

Write several paragraphs explaining your reading process-what strategies do you use when you read? Write several paragraphs explaining your writing process: what strategies do you use when you write? source..
Reading and Writing Strategies
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Reading and Writing Strategies
In student learning, there are various strategies used to integrate the learning process with success. With the relevant help from teachers, students can experience a successful learning process, using the appropriate reading and writing skills. However, reading and writing strategies may vary from one course of study to another. This paper focuses mainly on the strategies that are mostly used by students in the learning environment.
Reading strategies
Different scholars have suggested different reading strategies that students should use in learning. When reading, the first thing a student should do is to peruse through the title page, the table of contents, if any, and the introduction (The Writing Center, 2007). This equips the student with the overall picture of the reading material. This is the face validation of the text, which sets the mind on the content that might be contained in the entire book or material.
After the student covers the light reading of the initial pages, he or she should be in a position to understand the type of genre of the reading material. Thus, if it is a suitable material, the student should relate the content with the work assigned by the teacher (The Writing Center, 2007). The student must identify whether the material is meant for shared, independent or guided reading, and make the appropriat...
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