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The Future Science: Creating A Hologram, Robots (Essay Sample)


In this Extra Credit Discussion Board, I am looking for your feedback. Read the attached PDF Lecture above. Answer the following questions: 

1) Understanding science is important to market new ideas. In your opinion, Do you think a Holograms are marketable based the need for teaching using technology? 

2) Does creating a Hologram create more challenges, and if so explain what these challenges are heading into the future? 

3) The need for interactions and discussion should always be done in person. Would creating a Hologram complicate the interactions among students and professors in a university capacity? 

4) Find other inventions similar to the Holograms in existence, for example, robots in Korea, Chinese robots, etc. What are the differences among these and how does this new platform make it easier for students to stay connected? 

5) Give me your views on how this project deals with Scientific Inquiry and how does it relate to our course title, "How Thing's Work"? 

The Deadline for submitting your responses for this Extra Credit Discussion is Friday, March 17  before 11:59pm. This counts as 25 points added to your Discussion Grade if completed fully. Make sure to have at least 2 references in MLA format.


1 Robots are marketable in need to change the classroom environment. Technology has revolutionized almost every sector of our lives, and education system is catching up because of their dependence on human presence. However, over time technology has bridged this gap by creating humanoids and as soon robots will be indispensable learning equipment that reflects the technology of the future.
2 Creating a hologram currently is a challenging task. It is expensive to create and maintain. However, as technology is fast progressing, making and maintaining of holographic equipment is becoming cheaper. Therefore, the holographic technology of the future would be relatively cheaper and affordable to be implemented in a classroom.
3 Today the need for interaction and discussion depends on human presence, however, with the advancement of technology and processing power, new powerful machines which learn through artificial intelligence will become indispensable in discussion and interaction. The trend is already taking root, and people are turning to smart technology to virtual ...
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