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Life To The Reader: Literature Project Plan (Essay Sample)


Please read the entire document VERY carefully and thoroughly and complete only the 'plan' section which is about two pages, it is a semester final project including the work of "the things they carried by tim obrien" and "scarlet letter" and "beloved". Please follow the rubric in the document carefully and aim for the best score of the rubric, make sure all requirements in the rubric "the best plans" are followed, this has to be the best work with most thoughtful and compelling senses. Please make sure you read the whole entire document and with some basic understanding of the three texts carried over the semester, form an insightful plan as the requirements stated. THANK YOU!!


Literature Project PlanNameInstitutional AffiliationDate
Literature is one of the ways through which one can communicate their life to the reader. One of the things I have enjoyed this semester is the ability of the authors to communicate their life experiences in an indirect way to the reader. Through all the literary texts we have read, I have liked the fiction work of Tim O’Brien, The Things They Carried Out and Beloved by Toni Morrison. The author O’Brien has used the fictional story to narrate about the people whom he was close to during the war in Vietnam who died. Through storytelling, he makes all the characters immortal. In his last chapter, The Lives of Dead, O’Brien demonstrates to the reader that writing is indeed one of the ways through which one can keep the memories of their friends alive. The work of O’Brien is no different from what we see in Beloved by Toni Morrison. Morrison narrates the events that the black slave traders went through. Just like O’Brien, Morrison presents the events in a flashback and this makes the memories alive. The main reason why I chose these texts is due to the ability of the writers to portray or explain events that took place in a way that captures the attention of the reader. In my own life, I have gone through a number of experiences that have shaped my life in different ways. Before reading the texts, I never thought of the idea of narrating my experiences through writing. Through engagement with these texts, I intend to take time to develop my writing skills and my ability to narrate events through writing.
The text that I chose for interpretative recitation from the book Beloved by Toni Morrison is found in Chapter 2. It reads, ‘in all of Baby’s life, as well as Sethe’s own, men and women were moved around like checkers. Anybody Baby Suggs knew, let alone loved, who hadn’t run off or been hanged, got rented out, loaned out, bought up, brought back, stored up, mortgaged, won, stolen or seized. So Baby’s eight children had six fathers. What she called the nastiness of life was the shock she received upon learning that nobody stopped playing checkers just because the pieces included her children’. I chose the passage since the passage communicates what the black slaves went through in their life. Reciting the passage will require me to vary my tone and rhythm to bring out the

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