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Externalizing the Autobiographical Self: Sharing Personal Memories Online (Essay Sample)


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Article Critique: Externalizing the Autobiographical Self: Sharing Personal Memories Online
Facilitated Memory Retention
The journal under critique was written by Qi Wang, Dasom Lee, and Yubo Houwho studied issues of sharing personal memories online and the way the retention of memory stimulates these processes. The journal published in 2016 expounds on broad matters of personal memory and links the sharing process to human recollection. Recollection is an essential process in social action as it helps people to remember past experiences and use these experiences when need arises. The journal was educative as it covered current issues such as the use of online approaches, advanced technologies to communicate and connect to the use of online methods the mental process of memory retention and sharing of the memories. The paper analyzes of the article “Externalizing the Autobiographical Self: Sharing Personal Memories Online Facilitated Memory Retention” by the authors Qi Wang, Dasom Lee and Yubo Hou.
Article Critique
The research question discusses memory retention in the context of sharing recollections online. The explains on the ways through which people remember the occurrences by visiting their online platforms and probably sharing other memories that they would visit online sites and remember in future (Wang, Lee & Hou, 2016). My thoughts concur with the journal as entertainment platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, blogs and Facebook,users can share aspects of their lives. (Emmerdinger, &Kuhbandner, 2018).However, I felt that the journal should have shared much on blog posts as blogs can share pertinent issues like health matters and at times entertainment matters which makes it quite difficult to know the reliability of blogs.
The research design of the article is central to other aspects that stem from the report. The researchers targeted 66 undergraduate learners, where 46 of the students were females, and the remaining 20 students were males. The journal tends to use more females’ participants than males without giving the rationale of focusing on one gender. I think that researchers should portray some aspects of gender equality and in cases where there are i

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