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Listen To English Music Can Help Improve English (Essay Sample)


Listening to English Music Can Help Improve English
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Listening to English Music Can Help Improve English
I. Introduction
A. As English learners all around the world look for faster ways to achieve fluency, listening to English music has been proven to be an effective way.
B. While the speed of learning English is determined by factors such as age, past learning experience, creativity, location and time spent learning, some ways have been proven to help improve one’s learning. The immersion method of learning involves surrounding one with the language they are learning.
C. This can be achieved by joining English speaking groups or listening to English media. The classroom method involves attending classes or structuring one’s learning program to resemble classroom learning. This paper seeks to discuss how listening to English music can help one improve their English.
II. Body
A. Listening to English music has been shown to be an excellent complementary technique in learning English (Paquette & Rieg, 2008). It has been shown to have a multitude of benefits to English learners. Other than increasing the learner’s vocabulary, listening to English music can also improve one’s pronunciation and listening skills. The music frequently sticks in the head. As one hums to a song over and over again, they get to know the song as well as the lyrics by heart. It is therefore a great way to memorize new words. The other advantage associated with this technique is that one can listen to music at any time of the day. One can also listen to as many songs as possible. Music is also portable and unlike movies, textbooks or conversation partners, one can listen to music anywhere. Songs are therapeutic. Therefore, one gets relief as they learn. Listening to a good song will almost always prompt one to sing along. This is another strength of the technique. When one imitates the sounds as they sing along, their tongues get more accustomed to the sounds and hence their pronunciation is improved.
​B. When one listens to an English song, they pick up new words that probably had not heard before. Moreover, they can notice words that are being in different contexts. For instance, listening to Friday, I’m in Love can help one learn the days of the week. The more songs that one listens to, the more vocabulary they learn and the more they enhance their listening skills. The lyrics of various songs contain figures of speech, metaphors, symbolism, and slang. Through these, one can learn a language that is not used in everyday situations.
III. Conclusion
A. 1. While some genres of music are more powerful learning tools as compared to others, any genre of music that has lyrics can be used to learn English. However, one must choose the right approach in order to optimize the power of this technique.
2. First, one must choose the kind of music that they enjoy. This way, they will seek to know the lyrics more and in the process improve their English. They will also effortlessly listen to songs repetitively.
3. One can easily find English songs that they like to fast-track their learning. For instance, using apps such as Pandora or Spotify, one can get the genre of music they like in English. Lyric videos can also be gotten from YouTube. Listening to a song while following the lyrics produces better results.
B. Listening to a whole song can be overwhelming, especially for beginners. It is therefore recommended that one breaks down the song into chunks. Since the chorus is repeated throughout the song, it is a good point to start. By using this approach, one can effectively learn the English language by listening to English music.


Listen to English Music Can Help Improve English
Ordinarily, music has dramatic effects on our lives. It can affect our feelings and bring back memories of the past. Apart from stimulating our emotions and memories, music can also have a powerful effect on learning. People with the goal of learning leaning English or improve their fluency may do that by listening to English music. It is, however, important to understand that the speed of learning is also influenced by other factors such as the age of an individual, location, and time dedicated to learning and individual creativity. One of the most effective approaches of learning is the immersion technique where people learning are required to interact fully with the language they are learning, this may be through listening to English media and taking English classes. This paper evaluates how listening to English music may help individuals learn English.
First, listening to an English song is one of the most effective ways of memorizing new words and expressions. When someone identifies a favorite English song, he or she is likely to acquire the lyrics from the internet. Each time the song plays, one may sing along and soon he or she will find it easy committing to memory some new words which may be used. Additionally, singing along the singer’s voice is also a great way to improve one’s pronunciation and word stress. This is possible because as one practice singing, the tongue gets used to the sounds and pronunciation is improved through this way. Also, song lyrics contain, figures of speech, metaphors and slang that are not used in the everyday language and one can, therefore, learn them easily through the songs. Besides, these lyrics hold abbreviations in written language which can be learned and used in informal situations such as in text messaging. For example, the lazy song by Bruno Mars may help an individual who is interested in practicing tenses and also learning idioms and English slang such as chilling which is re

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