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Legal reason for wrongful discharge (Essay Sample)

Question 1 Imagine that you are a new graduate health care professional. When you started employment one month ago you were hired full-time days. A pregnant employee is just returning from maternity leave and you are told she will be taking your place and you will be going to the 11:00 p.m.-7:00 a.m. shift. You refuse and you are discharged, without notice or severance pay. Is this a wrongful discharge? Give legal reasons for your answers. APA format with two references needed with in text citations. Attention to writer Please Address all part of the question source..
Legal reason for wrongful discharge Name Institution Professor Date Legal reason for wrongful discharge Per se, there exists no federal wrongful termination law but there are several federal laws that, if violated by employers will or might constitute wrongful termination. Such laws are collectively referred to as wrongful discharge laws. Wrongful discharge implies that several or all terms of the contract of employment have been breached. Even in conditions where a formal contract does not exist, there is wrongful termination if de facto contracts are valued by virtue of employment relationship CITATION MRF03 \l 1033 (Freedland, 2003). Every company has its own employment policies that give the guidelines which should be followed when terminating an employee. In this case, it all depends with the company policies. If it is within the company policies that the employer can shuffl...
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