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Russia's world view, national interests and the main strategies (Essay Sample)

Russia's world view, national interests and the main strategies it employs in its international plitics insce 2000.Is Russia a great power? 2-3 arguments in support of your statement and evaluate counterargument source..
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Russia’s world view, national interests and the main strategies
Russia’s world view is that of equal rights in international politics which places it at a conflict with major powers that may attempt to place her security or that of her allies at jeopardy. Some of her major foreign stances include safeguarding self-determination policy. The other one is maintaining universality of international norms or laws and intolerance to their double standard application. Russia also adopts a strong stance against disproportionate use of force and encourages priority of diplomacy in conflict resolution. Unacceptability of humanitarian intervention is also central to her foreign policy (Pirozhenko, 2012).
Russia’s primary national interests include preventing the use or nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction and preventing their spread in the post- Soviet space. It also seeks to use her nuclear arsenal as a deterrent in maintaining her sovereignty and the status of a world great power. Another interest is to safeguard against terrorist attacks. It also seeks to sustain her influence in the post- Soviet space by blocking competing powers’ efforts from forming alliances with them and dominate. Russia also seeks to make sure that there is continued flow of revenue from its energy exports and that other states are unable to strip them of their competitive advantage. Russia also seeks to protect and advance major political business alliances within the Elite in Russia as well as her political stability though not founded on democratic principles (Allison, Blackwell, Simes, & Saunders, 2011).
Russia defends her right to being a great power that garners acknowledgement and respect internationally in her spheres of interest in the post-Soviet space. Russia also seeks to be perceived as US’s equal either as a rival or partner. She also seeks to guard herself from external interference (Wood, 2013). Besides Russia using her power in the G7, G20 and the permanent member status in the United Nations Security Council, Russia is using the Mutually Assured Destruction policy against the US and its wealth of nuclear weapons that pose a threat to the US as it can destroy the US in 30 minutes (Allison, Blackwell, Simes, & Saunders, 2011). In appreciation that Russia is marred with corruption and her governance does not exemplify democracy which is the internationally approved mode of gove...
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