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Integrated assessment (Essay Sample)

I need one page essay about integrated assessment in education with: 1. Introduction (definition) 3. How is the method used in actual process? 5. What are advantages and disadvantages? 6. conclusion Please consider I'm not native speaker easy words please. PS: Maybe this will help part 1 http://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=MDwjn6BlGM0 part 2 http://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=9LGYlHJuxS4 source..

Integrated assessment
Different terms have been used to define integrated assessment but this is different when it comes to education. Assessment in education is described as a process of man scripting but with certain terms, skills, belief, knowledge and altitudes. It is a tool which is used to focus on the personality of a learner, the learning community, the institution as well the educational system at large.
Assessment can as well be described as an essential aspect in the general quality of teaching and erudition in any learning institution. In this case, well premeditated evaluation sets clear expectations, establishes a logical workload which does not push students into reproductive approaches to study but grant opportunities for students to self-monitor, practice, rehearse and even receives feedback (Haurie, 2005). This makes assessment an integral component of an articulated educational experience.
It is noted that the idea as well the approach in the evaluating Student Learning resources support three consistent objectives for quality in students in higher education. In this case, they guide and encourage helpful approaches in learning, evaluation that authentically and dependably measures predictable learning outcomes, in meticulous the higher-order learning that characterizes higher education as well assessment and grading that describes and guard academic standards.
Though the connection amid assessment practices and the general quality of teaching as well that of learning is repeatedly underestimated, the assessment necessities and the simplicity of assessment criteria and standards is believed to influence the efficiency of student learning significantly. For well designed assessment, they contribute directly to the way students approach their study and therefore contribute indirectly, but on the other hand strongly to the superiority of their learning Gouwens, 2009).
Advantages of integrated assessing in education
Integrated assessment has made it possible to advance in many organizations hence making a world that is equitable, sustainable, interdependent, innovation as well economically secure which support the welfare of all even in the education sector. What make integrated assessment vital in education is that it helps the teachers to equip the students with values, skills and more so the knowledge to become complex thinkers and ethical decision makers hence this help them fit in the society. The other thing is that integrated assessment help in assessing the progress of the students, from where they begin, how the grow and change, as well how students educational practices and climate contributes to the goals that support their vision, and therefore integrated assessment is more fundamental in education as it help to ease student achieve their desired outcomes. Others include:
Reduces faculty time demands in instrument development grading, they meth...
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