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Theorist 2 (Essay Sample)

Theorist:Max Weber Choose this theorist and answer the following questions. 1.What was the social and intellectual milieu in which he lived ? 2.what was the conceptual structure(with examples) of the theorist? 3.What was the theorist level of abstraction? 4.What was the theorist definition of sociology ? 5. What appilicability do you perceive in the works of this theorist? 2. theorist Karl marx B. answer the same questions 1-5 source..

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(3, March, 2011)
Max Weber
1. What was the social and intellectual environment in which he lived?
Max Weber was an individual who came from a middle class family, this is because his father was a prominent politician and this exposed him to different individuals who occupied different positions including politicians, scholars amongst other people of high social class, this made him a wiser individual (Swedberg, 1999 pp 86).
2. What was the conceptual structure (with examples) of the theorist?
Max had a concept that he based his theory on the social arrangement that surrounded him, and his theory was the capitalist theory. In this theory he said that the society provided unequal opportunities and powers to the people living in it, and it affects matters the access or ownership of productive resources.
3. What was the theorist level of abstraction?
The theorist notion of the theory is there will be no equal opportunity of resources amongst the people in the society. This is because he said the only a few number of the population will be able to own a lot of things and with this they will able to control and employ the majority of the population who will be depending on them to get employment (Weber, 1978 pp 92).
4. What was the theorist definition of sociology?
Max defines sociology as a science that attempts to understand the causes of actions of an individual. In order to ensure what the actions of an individual are well known and helping in determining what causes and to behave in a way she or he behaves. Thus max defined sociology as a form of science that aims at identifying and monitoring the ways in which that causes that subjects an individual into behave in a specific manner (Wolfgang, 1984 pp 69).
5. What applicability do you perceive in the works of this theorist?
Max theories are more applicable in economics, his contributions have been incorporated in governance and management and this is evidently clear when he stated that there are different groups of individuals in the world (Weber, 1978 pp 184), which includes the wealthy and the poor that depend on or work for the wealthy.
Karl Marx
1. What was the social and intellectual environm...
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