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Susan Leddy (Essay Sample)

Please write a one page paper on Susan Leddy who is an RN. I have slides that I can attach with this order that has some info. Please add more info on her theories and her impact on nursing. Thanks. source..

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(13 March, 2012)
Susan Leddy
Susan Leddy has contributed to the human energy model that deal with metaparadigm issues of the human means that include the nursing, human beings, mutual human environment and the environment. She was influenced by the theory of unitary humans developed by Roger where human beings are examined as beings that are openly linked and continue interacting with the environment. Rogers’s theory argues that humans are unitary and hence they should be studied as a whole (Leddy, 2004).
In her theory, Susan focuses on the self organizations of individuals; she claims that this aspect is responsible to distinguish the human aspects from the environmental aspects that is highly inseparable.
The human being is described by awareness, which is the energy that connects humans to the environment. It is the opening to attention, perception, self identity and meaning; in addition, they are able to influence change by the choices they make. Through these choices they are able to select, identify and modify and make over the experiences and participate in manifesting harmony and diversity (Leddy, 2004).
The environment provides the background within which the human being meets the experience. Whereas individuals may appear different the environment provides an equal measure for all. It combines family, work, community and free energy to the surrounding (Leddy, 2004).
The mutual environment is the ordered and rhythmic patterns of change; this is brought by the constant change and transfer of energy to matter and information. These form complex relationships within the self, humans and the environment; consequently they establish the construction and goals and meaning (Leddy, 2004).
Health describes the exclusive pattern; it varies systematically in intensity and quality over time (Leddy, 2004). It is characterized by the changing trends of harmony and diversity and is visible through flexibility and creativity. Through her ideas Susan has acted as a basis for the theory of healthiness, the theor...
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