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Impact of Slavery in a Contemporary Society (Essay Sample)


Argumentative essay
The focus should be on the lasting impact of slavery on some particular humanities based aspect of contemporary society therefore the thesis must reference a specific area of impact music, literature or philosophy


An Argumentative Paper on the Impact of Slavery on Philosophy, Literature and Music in a Contemporary Society
This paper focuses on the impact of slavery, both negative and positive in the lives of communities in America. Mostly, topics on slavery usually focuses on the negative effects but this investigative paper will also discuss the positive outcomes as a result of this offensive crime against humanity. Indeed, human beings have the capability to rise up from the ashes and to turn a hopeless situation into something positive. People have the power to change the course of history and uplift others even in the midst of war, famine, drought and slavery. The subsequent paragraphs will enumerate various sources that are valid and legitimate which provides proof of the historical facts that happened years ago. Studying this matter will help researchers and university students to have a broader perspective and a deeper sense of understanding on the actuations of people who have undergone traumatic and tragic experiences as slaves and as victims of abuse and dominance. The focal point of this paper is to establish a powerful argument that “slavery has empowered people to stand, fight and move forward in the name of social justice and humanity”. Most of the time, we only focus on the negative effects of slavery but the truth of the matter is that, slavery has led people to be bold, brave, courageous and to fight for their rights. Slavery became a driving force that moved people to change and to question their status quos. Hence, the impact of slavery that we are referring to in this paper consists of both the advantages and disadvantages of slavery and how it changed the course of history of the contemporary society. Humanity has its own way of using a failure and turning it into success. Years of slavery, hardships and sufferings has brought a powerful impact in the lives of the Americans that also affected change all throughout the world.
The question of who were made slaves in the last decades echoes in the halls of literature and philosophy classes. Was it only the African Americans who suffered slavery? How about women and children? Was there a specific class or status that makes one into a slave? How about the poor or those living below the margin of middle class families and individuals? Wood K.E. (2010) brilliantly argued that gender and race became the driving factors that enslaved African American Men and Women into forced labor. The Europeans in the earlier years had that connotation that African Americans and the Native Americans are different and are qualified to be laborers or workers thus they enslaved this group of Americans thinking of themselves as higher and on a better position of authority or leadership rather than the colored group. Slavery affected men, women and children, mostly those coming from the group of Black Americans. Sadly, African American women even became the object of rape and abuse since White Americans leveled them as that with the animals for their behavior and culture such as showing their breasts or the way and manner that they dressed themselves. In the year 1641, a new law was passed which decreed that Negro men and women 16 years old and above must be made subject to a new poll tax. This means that they are bound to be field workers or laborers whilst the English women were not allowed to go out and work in the field. The insensitivity of the law makers and politicians at that time, their cruelty, racism and dominance caused the destruction of human lives. Accordingly, US History (2019) emphasized that the people in authority in the earlier years of America were ironically passionate about unalienable rights and yet practiced brutal bondage of men and women that a...

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