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How Much Hotter Is The Planet Going To Get (Essay Sample)


I need a summary for "How much hotter is the planet going to get? Retrieved from http://www(dot)newscientist(dot)com/article/dn25187-how-much-hotter-is-the-planet-going-to-get.html?


How Much Hotter is the Planet Going to Get
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In his article titled How Much Hotter is the Planet Going to Get, Michael Le Page mentions that the air we breathe in is full of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases that contribute to global warming in one way or the other (Page, 2014). It’s safe to say that our climate is more sensitive to CO2 than any other gas. Another important thing to be noticed is that the level of carbon dioxide is climbing toward a doubling of the 280 parts per million (ppm). Even a small change in the level of CO2 can leave big effects, so there is a strong need to cut emissions before it is too late and the climate changes significantly.
With these uncertain climatic

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