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The Great Gatsby: The Corrupt Nature of the American Dream (Essay Sample)


include an introduction with a thesis statement. It should also have a minimum of three body paragraphs and a conclusion. Your body paragraphs should include details and textual evidence from the novel to support your points.
a) The Great Gatsby addresses the corruption of the American Dream. Write a character analysis of Jay Gatsby's life. Where and how did his dreams go wrong? Explain what Fitzgerald is conveying about the values of the American Dream.


The Great Gatsby: The Corrupt Nature of the American Dream
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The American dream is an ideology that anyone can be successful in America as long as they work hard, become wealthy and gain status quo. F. Scott Fitzgerald, in The Great Gatsby, portrays the destruction of what many believe is the American dream through the loss of morality and humility in pursuit of wealth. The American dream, which stands until today, is based on high moral standards that attract love and happiness. Many people across the world view this "dream" as factual and believe that America maintains such standards. In contrast, Fitzgerald’s novel portrays a perspective that shows the suffering undergone by those who have pursued and achieved the American dream in unethical means. The focus of this paper is on the nature of the American dream as depicted by Fitzgerald. Therefore, the withering of the American dream is the central thesis of this paper.
Fitzgerald presents Jay Gatsby as a fighter, one who is ready to do anything to achieve what he desires; the American dream. In the novel, Gatsby, born and raised in a low-income family, believes that Daisy’s love, wealth and status quo is all he needs to be happy in life. Gatsby engages in corrupt deals, gains opulence and changes his name. He does this with a view that the new name will match with the status quo that wealth has offered him. Gatsby pursues Daisy despite her being in another relationship. In the novel, Gatsby buys a luxurious mansion to lure Daisy into loving him. ‘Gatsby bought that house so that Daisy would be just across the bay (p. 151). Additionally, he throws parties every week with a hope th

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