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Is There A Chinese Dream? (Essay Sample)


There is no doubt China has made a drastic transformation in recent times.


Is there a Chinese dream?
There has been the popularized American dream, where most people in the world would relate the personalized dream to success and better living standards. Achieving the American dream made people from various countries migrate to America all in an attempt to achieve this dream. Ten of thousands of students flooded the United States in name of achieving the American and in process; America has managed to attract the best talents and a diverse human resource. In the same respect, China has risen to become one of the globe's superpowers with a rapidly growing economy. President XI's presented his nation with the "Chinese Dream" which shapes the present times in China and stretches out its options to the future. The president vision of the country is what most people are referring to as the Chinese Dream as quoted by him. However, does the new Chinese Dream exists or it is its self a dream?
There is no doubt China has made a drastic transformation in recent times. Under three decades China has managed to climb from a bitter and poor developing country into a major economic power rubbing shoulders with the big superpowers such as the United States and Russia. The phenomenon saw people question and critic the county's rise to power as its rapid growth and development is received with mixed feelings. To the Chinese and other people this huge growth in a short period was unbelievable almost something like a dream, proving everything is possible, and this statement m

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