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Week 10: Forum Discussion. Why were the 1920's "Lean Years" for the U.S Labor Movement? (Essay Sample)


Submit an initial post to the question below by this Friday; your initial post will be approximately 250 words (1 page double-spaced). Then, post at least two response-oriented posts Saturday and/or Sunday. Your discussion-oriented responses will each be 50 to 100 words.
Please note: Points will be deducted if you have a late submission of forum discussion posts.
Remember to engage in thoughtful dialogue with other students in the forum. Show by your comments that you understand their point of view and are considering it respectfully, even if you disagree.
Why Were the 1920's "Lean Years" for the U.S. Labor Movement?
During the 1920's, the labor movement declined due to economic, political, and cultural factors. By the end of the decade, union membership was down and the labor movement had less influence in the economy and the political system.
Respond to the following:
Why did the labor movement decline in the 1920's? Explain the specific factors which caused the decline.
Do any of these factors also account for the current weakness of the labor movement?


Lean Years
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Why were the 1920's "Lean Years" for the U.S Labor Movement?
The 1920s are said to be some of the most challenging moments of the United States labor movement. The labor movement was supposed to be lean that it was in constant fights with the working class who also fought back. The workers felt that the union was being violent towards dealing their demands and this directly affected the America's political, social and economic ground The tensions between the labor movement and the employers further grew due to the emergence of opportunistic employers who took advantage of the falling unions as it was during the post-World War 1 era and the economy was not entirely stable.

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