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Film Analysis - Capitalism: A love Story by Micheal Moore (Essay Sample)

Need to watch the film below Film Analysis - Capitalism: A love Story by Micheal Moore Write a 6-page minimum (not including bibliography or cover page), double-spaced analysis paper about the persuasive principles you have either read from the text or from the discussions that you saw in the film. In your paper you should write about at a minimum 3 different principles, concepts and/or theories presented in the film and apply those concepts/principles/theories used by the director. Be specific in your analysis, citing examples, make comparisons, etc. It is imperative that you cite your sources, for example if you use your text, make sure you cite it and attach a works cited/references/bibliography to your paper. You must cite a minimum of three scholarly sources (not including your text). The sources can come from academic journals, professional journals or magazines, news sources, government websites or university websites. Remember you must have 1-inch margins and 12 point font, Times New Roman. The book is Dynamics of Persuasion by Richard M. Perloff ISBN 978-0-415-80568-1 source..
Film Analysis: Capitalism- A Love Story by Michael Moore Name: Course: Instructor: Introduction Ajzen A. describes persuasion as the use of verbal and nonverbal messages to mould peoples` attitude and behavior (Manfredo, 1992). The core aim is to draw peoples` heart and minds to a desired goal by effectively communicating and presenting messages. Persuasion and the guiding principles become an instrumental tool in the film industry as a sector that must remain relevant and compelling to its audiences both to the individual and social collectivity. Several concepts emerge in the determination of an effective process of persuasion including message structures, context of persuasions, attitude formation, communication approaches and reasoning. It from this concept premises that theories including cognitive model of persuasions, sublimation theory of attitude formation, social judgment and cognitive dissonance theories emerge to provide helpful generalization in the field of practice. The above concept and principles shall be discussed and later detail analysis of what the theories offer shall be presented in this paper with specific case examples from the Michael Moore: Capitalism- A love Story. Michael Moore documentary film comes during a period of political transition in the United States. It presents a satire to capitalism which criticizes as nothing less other than cooperate dominance on daily lives of poor American citizens and of course the world in general. The film, backed by strong facts about the economic situations on the ground leaves the audience with a lot to discuss outside the theater doors. The film presents persuasive and a critical show that cut across major institutions including the economy, religion and politics. The context in which persuasions occur is paramount to the process of determining successful influence in film spectatorship. Ideally, no message goes in a vacuum and the film...
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