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Death of a Loved One (Essay Sample)

tell the story of an event that you will want to remember when you are old. describle what happened and its effect on you so that you bring the event to life. use conrete sensory details to communicate insight,creativity,drama,suspense or humor to create a central theme or impression. address these elements in your essay: 1-what was it about this experience that provided new insight or awareness? 2-what details can you use that will bring this experience to life? 3-what concrete sensory details will you use to describe this event? 4-what is your plot?what is your setting?who are the main characters? CAN YOU PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT YOUR TOPIC WOULD BE BEFORE STARTING ON THE ESSAY? THANKS source..

Death of a Loved One

Death of a Loved One
Have you ever lost someone so close in your life that you would give anything in this world to just spend a little time with them for just one more time? This is what I feel when I remember the sudden death of my grandmother. I remember as if it was yesterday and will forever remember even in my old age. Loosing my grandmother was the most painful experience after that of my father that I have ever experienced in my life. I was only fourteen years old when this sudden life changing event occurred in my life. My grandmother had been sick for several months an illness which even to her was not revealed. I remember very well the last time I saw her alive was when I was going back to school after my fall holidays. It will never leave my mind, when I went to get prepared for school, I left her outside her house complaining of a sudden stomachache and requested for me to go call my uncle who lived a distance away to come and take her to hospital. I declined and told her that I was gong back to school and that by the time I got back from my uncle’s I would be late from reporting to school and I would be punished. She told me that the stomachache was too much and requested for me to go and prepare lunch for my grandfather. I went, prepared it and when I was leaving, she told me in a soft and ailing voice that I almost felt as if she was murmuring and stammering, to go call my elder sister.
I went and called my sister, changed my clothes and entered in the shower. As the water was trickling down my body, I felt so sad that my grandmother was ill and I was unable to help her something that I regret up to today. Meanwhile, while I was getting ready for school, my sister had gone to fetch my uncle. I finished applying my lotion, put on my brown uniform, grabbed my black bag and left to say goodbye to my grandmother who had now left for her bedroom. When I knocked the blue door which made an entry to her bedroom, I received no response. All I heard wer...
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