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Love and Desire in the Age of Communism (Essay Sample)

How do the ideologies and/or material conditions of Soviet life affect the nature of love and desire? Conversely, what can we understand about Soviet life in general, by focusing on the distinct nature of Soviet love and desire? This can apply to sexual love, maternal love, or the desires and longings that underlie everyday behavior. Background: In what ways does the work offer us a unique, original insight into the mind of the Soviet man, the Soviet woman, or Soviet society as a whole? (Or, in Nabokov's case, the escapee from the Soviet system.) source..

Love and Desire in the Age of Communism
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December, 2 2011.
Love and Desire in the Age of Communism
After revolution and up to 1960s, Soviet had a vision for the society which was not only official but also had no room for the citizens to enjoy their private lives. Every individual in the society belonged to certain class. This made their private life including their interests and desire and love to be only a manifestation of their political interests and the parties that they supported but nothing else (Bishop 317). This is due to the fact that people were dissolved not only in their human history but also in their class systems which was a characteristic of the society during that time, an element that impacted greatly on human love and desires.
Moreover, even though the personal lives focused and concentrated on the human history, actions of individuals were of great importance to politics of the soviet. This could signify a step towards individuals` oppression from the existing oppression in the society or a sign that people will be greatly affected by oppressive leaders. Hence, people`s private life was an oxymoron due to the fact that the concept of love in the society could not be defined as private (Bishop 123).
However, even though this attitude was present in the ideology of society, the element of private life still impacted and found its way in the screens for a number of reasons. First, this was due to the fact that NEP resulted into individuals desiring private lives. Additionally the ideology brought about by Nuveau Riche did not focus much on the struggle that existed between the capitalism dark forces and the soviet powers (Bishop 317). Furthermore, high percentage of workers, intellectuals and party officials had desire to live private lives as they no longer felt happy with the class system which was a characteristics of the society. They wanted to enjoy their private lives fully without any class or societal restrictions. Life was not easy for the workers as they had no time to reflect on love and other important issues in the society.
The movie protazanov`s the forty first (1927) is a pure illustration how communism impacted on the desires and love. According to Bishop (123) love affairs impacted negatively on the social consciousness of the revolution process. This due to the fact that concept of love made individuals to betray revolution. During this period revolution leaders had no time for private life an aspect that made them to lack any desire and love both for human and material ownership. Their lives were greatly dissolved in history simply because individuals had no personal life other that of capitalism. The main character in this particular movie had no private life making him to lack desire for sex. She dresses in muscular uniform concealing her feminine body (Bishop 123). She has changed and she is neither a man nor a woman. She is repre...
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