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One hundred love sonnets: XVII Pablo Neruda (Essay Sample)

Select a poem which is \"One Hundred Love Sonnets: XVII by Pablo Neruda and analyze one or more of its elements (figures of speech, tone, diction, imagery, sound, form, symbol, allegory, allusion, mythical references, etc.) and explain how they support the poem\'s theme or central ideas. Write a 2-3 page explication of the poem. Your paper can focus on a single element, or three different elements, but you should have a single thesis. How does the poem \"enfold\" when we look at these particular elements? Your thesis should be your interpretation of the poem\'s meaning. Your thesis should not be focused on the reader, or the reader\'s experience. For instance, your thesis should not be: \"The poet uses imagery, repetition, and metaphor to create a more intence effect on the reader.\" Your interpretation should be focus on what the poet is trying to communicate by using the literary elements she uses. You should use evidence from the poem\'s to support your claims. When you include a quote, you must analyze it. Don\'t simply rephrase or restate it in your own words. How do you those words in particular get the poet\'s point across. Why does she use those words/ phrases/ literary elements? source..

One hundred love sonnets: XVII Pablo Neruda
This love that that cannot be described nor can it be compared to that of flower but rather it is love that is herd to show or explain. It is love that has neither time nor place but rather it`s so unhidden because it is love that is not real because it is a dream. Neruda finishes the poem by saying that he and his love are so intimately intertwined that it is as if they share the same body-, and when his eyes close it is as if hers do too. The love described here is a mature, pure, deep and intense love that connects two people in way that is hard to explain and in the most beautiful way.
Elements used by the poet in the peom
The poet has used figures of speech
Figures of speech are mostly employed by poet and others in general to deepen the reader`s su...
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