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Avoiding Youth Violence, Violent Video Games Should Be Limited (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


1. Please check the attached files first. One is requirements and template;another one is the SAMPLE, the finish product should be like that.
2. I cannot be reached by cell phone, please send me e-mail to communicate all the time.
3. This course is SPEECH, and the topic should be chosen debatable. I have decided the one is "Avoiding Youth Violence, Violent Video Games Should Be Limited".
4. The next part 2 project will be a powerpoint presentation, so please keep in mind and I am going to place next order later.
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Avoiding Youth Violence, Violent Video Games Should Be Limited
Avoiding Youth Violence, Violent Video Games Should Be Limited
1. Hello and welcome everyone, I would like to thank all of you for joining us in this discussion. This is a very important process of discussing a crucial issue about youth violence and how violent video games should be limited in our state owing to their negative influence on the youth. 2. In 2001, a report by the US. Surgeon General indicated that there is an association between violent video games and increased aggressive thinking and behavior in young people. Some observers have further linked tragic shooting in schools to be linked to violent video games. Young people being exposed to media violence through video games have a significant risk to the health of other young people. Several researches have proven that media violence contributes to desensitization to violence, aggressive behaviour nightmares, and fear.
B. This is the reasons why I propose that this state should limit video games usage among young people. II. Significance
Harm 1: Video games cause aggressive behaviour.
Studies indicate that video games containing violence are closely linked to more aggressive behaviour in teens.
Aggressive behaviour is also linked with the amount of time teenagers spend playing video games. In a study conducted by Kaiser Foundation found that children between 8 to 18 years spend up to seven hours daily playing video games without parental restrictions.
The study also states that playing video violent video games increases aggressive behaviour because violent acts are continually repeated throughout the game .The repetition is considered as an effective teaching method that reinforces learning patterns especially to children.
Harm 2: Young people resolve anxiety by externalizing it.
Most media especially video games portray heroes using violence as a justification for conflict resolution. Some of the video games normalize people carrying weapons as a source of power.
Whenever children have anxiety instead of talking about it they tend to externalize anxiety by attacking something like kicking a wall or being mean to their pets.
III. Inherency:
Entertainment violence has always presented a perception to the world that violence is acceptable. This has resulted in young people adopting self-protective behaviors. By not limiting video games usage has continued expanding this perception.
The current policies are yet to address this concern because not much has been done to curb this vice. IV. Plan
Educate parents of the benefits of limiting the amount of time as well as the types of games their children play .This is likely to reduce aggressive behaviour
Ensuring all video and computer games are rated for age appropriateness on the front of the packaging.
Parents should be educated on the importance of ratings and also spending more time playing games with their children to understand what a child is being exposed to and how they react
A. Agent: The State of officials
Lawmaker’s plays an important role in shielding children from violent contents by ensuring laws are enacted to censor contents that are considered inappropriate for young children.
Mandates The federal, state and local legislators have the mandate to regulate violent video games. 1. The state legislatures should respond by organizing hearings to examine whether video games cause violence.
These hearings will include testimonies from media effects researchers, child advocates and the video game industry players. 2. Policies will be created to create a cut-off age of 17 years to be the appropriate to buy or rent mature rated games without parental permission.
These policies will cover large chains, and superstores...
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