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English: Street life (Essay Sample)

Analyze Story Elements Write an essay in which you analyze the role that setting and character play in driving the plot events in a story from the readings. Your essay should be 1-2 pages, typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font, size 12. Please save your essay as a Word document and submit as an attachment to be graded. Choose a story with elements that are clearly or strongly related. For example, you might choose a story with a plot in which the setting is crucial. Summarize the story, describing the setting(s) and the major characters. Analyze the ways in which setting is essential to the plot of the story. For example, in an adventure story the plot events might hinge on severe weather conditions, high altitude, or heavy snowfall. Analyze the ways in which the main characters are crucial to the arc of the story. For example, a reckless climber might take a risk that becomes an inciting event that drives the entire story's action. In your conclusion, summarize how the author's choices in creating and developing characters and establishing setting impact the sequence of events in the story source..

English: Street life
English: Street life
The story is about a typical street life in Nairobi, Kenya, One of the busiest cities in Africa. Nairobi has numerous magnificent tall buildings. Several people flock the city center to make a living; the ever screaming hawkers, shouting bus operators, mobile traders who scramble for space in city streets to sell their products and jobless people who roam the city hoping to get any slightest opportunity to swiftly rob the city dwellers. Street life in the city is more friendly and enjoyable to the stre...
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