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literary analysis of the short story" Notes for a botched suicide' by Cecile Pineda (Essay Sample)

I need a 2 page literary analysis of the short story " Notes for a Botched Suicide" by Cecile Pineda. Per instructor do not simple rewrite the story, I need an in-depth analysis. source..
“Notes for a botched suicide” by Cecile Pineda
The short story Notes for a botched suicide by Cecile Pineda focuses on the difficulties that immigrants living in America face especially if they are poor. It tells the story of the relationship between the narrator and her ailing godmother. It is important to note that in the Latino culture, convalescent families are very disturbing as shown when the woman continues to tell the story of her godmother. Although the narrator aims at telling the reader more about her godmother, much of her personal details emerge in the process. On the other hand, an ailing person affects the lives of those living around him or her immensely as noticed in the story. From the beginning of the story, the narrator reveals that she does not hope of seeing her godmother for long. The discussion of Poland when the godmother insists that she visited Auschwitz shows that she smells death. The godmother is desperate to die and she shows the narrator a picture of a woman falling from the Genessee Hotel in Tel Aviv. The narrator reveals that the person who took the shot did not care about what would happen to the woman. According to the narrator all the photojournalist cared for was a good shot that would make the following days paper. This shows how people view death differently according to the relationship they have with the dying person (Pineda 1). The photojournalist does not care about the life of the falling woman because they are not related. This is evident when she says asks to be taken to the tombs. In addi...
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