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Similarity/Differences in the Documentaries Cola Conquest and Supersize Me (Essay Sample)


My assignment is to watch both cola conquest and supersize me and then compare and contrast their biases, motif, shooting style, camera angles, creative choices and how budget affected the production of both documents.
Also to make reference and comparisons to other famous documentaries and documentarians.
:Super Size Me.
The Cola Conquest PART 1
The Cola Conquest PART 2
The Cola Conquest PART 3


Similarity/Differences in the Documentaries Cola Conquest and Supersize Me
There are quite a number of documentaries nowadays that have great impacts on not only developing a person but societies and establishments as well. Two of these documentaries are Supersize Me, and The Cola Conquest. These two documentaries are critical documentaries of issues persisting during their times until today.
Here, the two documentaries will be analyzed individually and then compared with each other in terms of the main concept of the documentary, biases, shooting styles, camera angles, how the budget affects the entire production, and their impacts to not just the people, but the culture, and the society in general.
Supersize Me
Supersize Me is a documentary created by Morgan Spurlock in 2004. The aim of the documentary is to explore how the fast-food industry affects the overall health of the consumers and if there could be a corporate influence behind this effect. This is also in relation to the failed attempts by third parties to sue McDonald's
For the duration of the documentary, Morgan focuses on binge eating McDonald's for an entire month, starting from February 01 until March 2, 2003. The documentary featured how eating only meals from McDonald's affected not only his physical but mental health as well.
He asks supervision from expert doctors, exercises specialist and dieticians to help monitor his progress throughout the duration of his test. Aside from the effects of food in his body, Morgan also delves into the influence of corporate decision-making into how fast foods are being marketed to the people.
The critical approach of the documentary and the real-time monitoring of the whole thing saddled the entire film with a nomination under the Documentary feature in the Academy Awards.
Now, it cannot be denied that the documentary Supersize Me takes a critical approach to the topic of fast food and how it promotes obesity in the United States populous. However, there are some aspects that can be construed as being biased such as the focus on one specific fast-food chain, McDonald's.
Although McDonald's is probably the largest dominating fast-food chain in the industry, especially in the United States, some may take it as a personal attack on the brand since it is the focus. It would have been better if other famous fast food brands were investigated as well to give the entire thing a more general approach. This is especially true since the title of the documentary itself, Supersize Me, can be taken as an allusion to the McDonald option to Supersize meals, unless it was intentional to allude the title and the meal as well as the body size of people. Plus, it is a clear fact that McDonald's is not the sole reason for the obesity crisis in the US.
Another bias that can be observed is the fact that most people who were interviewed, aside from the random customers, are people who are against fast foods in the first place. It would have been better if the crew were able to get in contact with a representative from the fast food industry, even better if someone from McDonald's higher chain of command. This will give the documentary a more solid and neutral stance on the issue since both sides are represented.
Another thing that can be taken as a bit biased is the fact that he is already aware of the side effects of what he is about to do physically, emotionally and mentally. Although the physical effects were easily supported by tests and scientific evidence, the emotional and mental effects were not.
Shooting style
The documentary Supersize Me actually combines two styles in how they approach the cinematography of the documentary. The main style employed is the employed Participator...

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