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Food Waste in the Developing World (Essay Sample)


his is a 2-3 page essay that discusses the readings of your chosen week and suggests another reading that compliments or challenges the ideas expressed by the syllabus readings. This reading must come from an academic journal or publication, or a reputable media
outlet such as The New York Times, The Atlantic, Buzzfeed News, etc. Your essay should briefly summarizes the main argument and subjects of the syllabus readings and your new article, and explains how the new article either compliments or challenges the syllabus readings. You will upload both your essay and the new article (or a working link to it in the body of the essay).


Food Waste
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Food Waste

Food waste refers to the food that is lost, uneaten or discarded. There exist many causes of food waste occurring at various stages of production, processing, retailing, as well as consumption. In the developing world, most waste occurs in the production stage, while most waste occurs in the consumption stage in the developed world. As the world population grows and the pressure on agricultural land as well as other resources rise, food waste is increasingly becoming an important issue. Research has shown that 31% of all food available for consumption went to waste in 2010 in the United States (Buzby, Wells, & Bentley, 2013). This translates to 133 billion pounds of food worth approximately $161.6 billion (Buzby, Wells, & Bentley, 2013). Taking into account the waste that occurred on the farms as well as between the farm and the market, the cost could be higher. The study also established that not all wasted food can be recovered. Moreover, it advanced that in order to provide an affordable, safe, and diverse supply of food, losing some amount of food is necessary (Buzby, Wells, & Bentley, 2013). Due to the immensity of the issue, it is important to come up with ways of reducing food wastage. Identifying the amount of food lost and where it is lost is the first step towards achieving this.

Food Waste in the Developing World

In a study to determine the extent of food wastage in South Africa, Gauteng Province, which contributes approximately 45% of all food wastage in the country was used as the study site (Oelofse, Muswema, & Ramukhwatho, 2018). The combined population of the two metropolitan municipalities studied is 8.33 million, which is approximately 15% of the country’s population (Oelofse, Muswema, & Ramukhwatho, 2018). The study revealed that 0.48 and 0.69 kilograms of food is disposed of per household in Ekurhuleni and Johannesburg respectively (Oelofse, Muswema, & Ramukhwatho, 2018). In a year, it translates to between 8 and 12 kilograms (Oelofse, Muswema, & Ramukhwatho, 2018). Extrapolating the findings to the rest of the urban population in the province, it is clear that 25,198 tonnes to 51,462 tonnes of food are wasted every year (Oelofse, Muswema, & Ramukhwatho, 2018). This was higher than the estimated waste, 6-11 kilograms, in sub-Saharan Africa as well as the South and Southeast Asia (Oelofse, Muswema, & Ramukhwatho, 2018). However, the actual wastage might be higher since food waste management strategies, other than those

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